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Year 5

April 2018 K'nex Challenge

Year 5 were very lucky to be visited by Paul and Peter from imagineering. The children were tasked with building a bridge that included a pulley system to lift the bridge, a bit like Tower Bridge in London. All teams worked really well together, and Paul and Peter were impressed with the design and construction skills from many of the teams. Good luck to those chosen to represent Bridgetown at the Knex challenge final against other schools in the summer term!


Romeo & Juliet Rehearsals

During our Year 5 Romeo and Juliet immersion week, we have looked closely at the play to begin to understand the characters and plot lines. We first began by freeze framing the prologue, to better understand the play, before having a go at reading the text.



Summer 1


Year 5 this term will be engaging with Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Already the year group have astonished us with their maturity in getting to know the complex play. Many were surprised to find that the play was not just about the love story between Romeo and Juliet, but also about the ongoing family feud between the Montagues and the Capulets.



Andy Goldsworthy


In our Art lessons we have been studying the artist Andy Goldsworthy. He is famous for creating outdoor sculptures using resources from the natural environment. We were inspired, and took his ideas out into our playground! Take a look at our designs: