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COVID Home Learning (if required)

COVID Lockdown Learning


Should there be another school closure period, this is where you will find all the relevant resources.



    Should it be required, this is where you will find our pre-recorded whole school assembly each week. It will be updated each Monday and available to access at any time during the week. An invite to our live whole school sharing assembly on a Friday will be added to the children's 'Teams' calendars.

    Click on the image above to view the most recent recorded assembly. 


    Welcome to our Home Learning Zone. 


    Should there be another lockdown, this is where you can find useful resources to support home learning. We will be running remote learning sessions for your child to interact with every single day via Microsoft Teams - you will receive information via class email accounts about this. You may also refer to the 'class pages' in the 'children' section to access resources specific to your child's class/year group.


    This home learning fact sheet may be a helpful starting point.  Thank you.