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Home Learning Week Beginning 27th April

If you would like to see some of the wonderful work you have been sending in to us, have a look on our Year 6 Home Page through the link below:

Your Home Learning Pack for This Week

Friday 1st May


Well done for working so hard this week. We have set aside most of today for you to complete the tasks which you have started through the week and may not have had time to finish. This will probably include your animal research for English and your Maya Top Trump Cards for Topic. 




Optional Task to get you started: Have a look at: ‘Optional Turns Revision’ and decide whether you would like to practise this before continuing with angles work. You can find the supporting video on the website under: Year 6, Week 2, Lesson 4.

Your Main Task: Watch the supporting video on the website: Year 6, Week 2, Lesson 5 – Calculate Angles


Complete the activity worksheet: ‘L3 – Calculate Angles (Note that this is Lesson 5 on the WR website)

You could also have a go at the Optional Friday Maths Challenge – You can find this under Lesson 5 of Year 6, Summer Term Week 1.



Music – Charanga Music. Log onto your Charanga music account. (Click here for link).


Work through the tasks on the right hand side of the Plastics Song. (Spread these tasks out over the next few weeks).

Thursday 30th April



Use today to catch up with your Mathletics or have a go at your TTrockstars. REmember there is a battle of the bands at the moment! Who will win, Eagles or Owls?!


There will be new Mathletics set tomorrow at 3:15pm.



Well done to those of you who have been reading your Book Club Books. We have been able to move some of you onto new books, which is excellent! Some of you have finished two books already!


By the end of tomorrow, I would like to move everyone on to their next book, so if you haven't finished your first one yet, can you try to do so today, completing the comprehension as well.



Research an animal that has clearly unusual features – use the ones included in ‘L4. Animals with interesting features’ (open document through link below) or choose one of your own.


Topic – The Maya Civilisation  


We have set a lot here. So please complete over today and tomorrow:

1. Watch video: 
2. Go through/take notes on the powerpoint: ‘L2. Social hierarchy of the Mayans’
3. Create top trump cards for each class using the resources linked below

(You might also want to think about how Maya Gods might fit into your top trump game).

Music – Charanga Music.


Log onto your Charanga music account. (Click here for link).


Work through the tasks on the right hand side of the Plastics Song. (Spread these tasks out over the next few weeks). 

Are you remembering to keep active? Share some of your ideas with us!

Wednesday 29th April

Good morning Year 6.  It is fantastic to see how much work you have been doing at home.  It really makes us proud to see you so dedicated but also your focus to keep learning.  You are all becoming so independent as well to your home learning; this is such a vital school for September and Year 7.  We hope that you are managing the timetable yourself - another key Year 7 skill! 

STOP PRESS - We have also sent an email with regard to collecting the 2020 Hoodies - please remind your grown ups at home to check their emails that give the information about this.

So now for today:



1. Read the Wimpy Kid diary extract in L3. 'Diary writing as a Just So Character.’
2. Write a diary entry as one of the characters from one of the Just So stories
Additional challenge.

3. Write the same diary entry written as a different character for the same
story – think about how this viewpoint is different.



Today is a White Rose day for maths.  Start with watching the White Rose lesson first

Video: Year 6, Week 2, Lesson 2 – Ratio and Proportion Problems
2. Activity worksheet: ‘L2 – Ratio and Proportion Problems.’

Additional challenges:
1. If you would like an additional challenge today and feeling confident then try some of the 
Optional Challenges – RatioProblem Solving.
2. Prepare for angles work by having a go at the ‘Optional Protractor Revision’. You can
find the supporting video under: Year 6, Week 2, Lesson 3


History - new topic

Today we begin our new topic on the Mayan Civilisation.  Today's home learning introduces you to the topic, helps you to develop a mind map of what you are beginning to learn about them and also to introduce you to some artefacts that may give some clues to what they were like as a civilisation and group of people.  Over the next few weeks we will be looking at:

  • who they were
  • lifestyle including food, clothing and pastimes 
  • skills and talents
  • religion and worship
  • their contributions to the world today


Activities today

1. Go through/ read/ take notes on the powerpoint: ‘L1.Introduction to the Mayans.’
2. When you get to slide 8, watch: then
complete the mind map activity.
3. Activity task on Slide 9: what do you think these artefacts are,how do you think they were used and why do you think this is what they are? Review answers and self-evaluate.

Tuesday 28th April

Good morning Year 6. Just a quick hello today - we will all be indoors today as we have some welcome rain for the gardens!  Thank for those of you who have already said hello to us this week - great that you have started the week well.  We knew that the science activity would be a popular one!  Today's home learning in English and Science continues from yesterday and maths is Mathletics and Rockstars.  There is a grammar powerpoint and game for you to make and play today so hopefully you'll find some time to do this.  Have a good day and take care.


Mrs Swanwick and Mr Lether smiley

Rudyard Kipling's Just So Stories - How the Camel Got His Hump

Monday 27th April

Good morning Parents and Year 6.  We hope that you had a good weekend and enjoyed the amazing weather.  It was a perfect opportunity to be outside in our gardens and outdoor spaces as well as taking a walk, cycle or run.  Maybe you have some of your meals outside - a real treat.  It looks like it is going to be a bit cooler this week but still remember to get outside and exercise.


We hope that you received our emails with work sent to you on Friday evening but we had a few technical challenges and some files be sent.  However, all you need is on the website or we have amended on the website so please read the notes each day.  There were problems with a video clip so Mrs Swanwick is going to complete a mind/concept  map for the Just So Story and upload instead of the clip.


Remember that the green box tasks are the ones that we would like you to try and that the blue box tasks are optional BUT as we always say, just do what you can.


If you haven't done already, please drop us an email to let us know how you are.


Ongoing tasks for the week:

  • Bug Club reading - if you completed the book last week you will be allocated a new book but if not, complete the one that you are currently reading and have a go at the questions
  • Update your reading diary or keep a general log of your reading if you lft your reading diary at school
  • Mathletics - check your assigned tasks
  • Optional - Rockstars and Computing VLOG


Activities for today

English - we have suggested that these activities are spread over  Monday and Tuesday

  1. Listen to the introduction to Just So stories - see below
  2. Read through 'How the Camel got his hump' and use the glossary to help
  3. Use the text analysis guide and picture below to help you identify the features (the video didn't load -we're sorry)
  4. Read through the other 2 Just So stories about the whale and the rhinoceros
  5. Draw your own concept/mind map about the features in a Just So story
  6. Watch the You Tube film of 'How the camel got its hump'


Use root words as an origin to create new words.  You have an outline idea on the activity sheet.


English L1. Introduction to Just so Stories

Still image for this video


  • Watch the video on White Rose Home Learning: Year 6, Week 2, Lesson 1 – Calculating Scale Factor:
  • Activity worksheet: ‘L1 – Calculating Scale Factor’

Science and PE - these activities are suggested for Monday and Tuesday

Please see all the You tube links in the zip folder at the top of this week's page which are all accessible - I've just checked!

1. Watch: '1. Youtube Link - The Digestive System': 
2. View/read/take notes: '2. The Human Digestive System (information poster)'
3. Watch video on link: '3. Video - Digestive System Experiment' 
4. Either make a labelled model of the digestive system, a poster or have a go at the optional messy task.

5. Email us in some photos if you can

This should be lots of fun and a very interactive way of learning about the human digestive system works.


PE Gymnastics: Have a look at the ‘gymnastics home learning activities’ work through the tasks over the next few weeks.


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