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Shakespeare Week

Shakespeare Week April 25th - April 29th

The children at Bridgetown celebrated Shakespeare’s 458th Birthday with a week of drama activities based on one of his most well-loved plays The Tempest. Across the whole school, children were learning the story through ‘whoosh’ activites, taking part in role-play, creating freeze-frames and exploring the text. In Reception classes the children devised their own islands full of magic, creating wonderful artwork to show their creativity. In Year 1 they created a sound scape for the storm, using lines from the play to become the sailors and passengers aboard the ship. In Year 2 they choreographed the scene of Prospero commanding Ariel to help him conjure up the tempest, while Year 3 they focussed on how Ariel might have moved on stage and considered costume design. Year 4 considered whether Caliban was really a beast of the island, or just misunderstood, by delving into the language and speeches between Caliban and Prospero. Year 5 concentrated on the relationship between Miranda and Ferdinand and explored Shakespeare’s sonnets before writing their own. Year 6 acted out the whole play through freeze-frames and key phrases of text.

Throughout the whole week, children were buzzing with excitement for our local hero and their enthusiasm shone through in a fabulous whole-school assembly on Friday showcasing all the amazing work that had been done.