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Key Stage One Choir

Key Stage One Choir


We are really enjoying our key stage one choir sessions every Friday lunchtime. Here are a selection of the songs we have been working on for you to practise at home! Enjoy!

From Mrs Pinkerton and Miss Woodcock.


Performing at the Queen's Jubilee event in Stratford in front of the RSC!

London's Burning

We love singing this as our 'warm up' song...


London’s burning, London’s burning!
Fetch the engine, fetch the engine!
Fire, fire! Fire, fire!
Pour on water, pour on water!

It's Summer time!

We're thinking about the sea in Key Stage 1 choir and this term we are going to be focusing on some sea shanties. Check out our first one below and practise at home ready for Friday lunchtimes in the ICT suite with Mrs Pinkerton and Miss Woodcock.

Summer's Here, Let's Celebrate...

Still image for this video learning a new song!

A Pirate Went To Sea

This summer we have also be thinking about celebrating the Queen's platinum jubilee and what better way than with a song?

Platinum Jubilee Song

Who can you see on every penny?

Who graces every little stamp?

Who can you see on every twenty?

Who has a royal flag?

Who has a crown of gold and rubies?

Who loves to ride upon a horse?

Who has a soft spot for a corgi?

Queen Elizabeth of course!


Jubilees we’ve had a few

Silver, golden, diamond too

This one’s special, you will see

Platinum Jubilee!     X2


Who’s been a true and loyal servant?

Who do we see on Christmas Day?

Who loves the church and her family?

Who gives the best royal wave?

Who Troops the Colours every birthday?

Who’s travelled all around the globe?

Who is the longest reigning monarch?

Who wears a crown and robe?