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In our final week of maths we will be investigating lines of symmetry and using coordinates to place addresses on a grid. We have also set you some Mathletics tasks and Rockstar challenges.


RockstarTT and Mathletics will be available throughout the break. Please continue to work on learning and consolidating your tables facts during the summer holiday, they will really help you with your maths in Year 5!




Here are your final spelling and handwriting tasks for this academic year. We would like to investigate and use adverbials of frequency and probability.


Adverbs of frequency and possibility tells the reader  how frequently or likely something is to happen for example: often, always, occasionally, seldom or never.




Transition to Swans: Year Five With Miss Harris

Hello Year 4’s,


It is Miss Harris here. I am going to be your teacher in Year 5 and I am very excited! As you know, school life has been very different over the past few months and therefore we haven’t been able to do any transition activities in school before the summer holidays, like we normally would. So, instead, I have created two different ‘all about me’ posters and would like you to complete just one of them, as I thought this would be a great way to learn a few things about you! I have completed one myself so you know a little bit about me before we return to school as the Swan Class in September. The first one, titled ‘All about me – Swans’, has different headings for you to complete whereas the second one, titled ‘All about me – Swans version 2’, has an empty space for you to write anything that you want to share with myself and your friends. This could be: your birthday, your favourite animal, your best memory, who is in your family etc. 


Once you have completed your poster, please send it back to me via the Year 5 email account – If you could complete the poster on the computer that would be great (all documents attached are editable) and then save it as your first and last name. If you are unable to complete the poster on the computer then I am happy for you to print it and return it to school in September.


I look forward to getting know each and every one of you!

Miss Harris


Transition from Bluebirds to Year 5 Herons with Mrs Luckhurst

Hello Bluebirds,


Mrs Luckhurst here -  I hope that you are all well after a very different school term. I am really looking forward to being your teacher in Year 5 as you move up to Heron Class. 

So that you can get to know me a little more  I have attached 2  'All About Me' sheets. I can't wait to get to find out more about you and have attached copies of each sheet. Please choose 1 to complete, not both. Please send your completed sheet to me electronically via by Friday 17th July so that I can put them on display in our classroom ready for September. If for any reason you cannot complete the sheet electronically please email me and I can arrange for you to complete a paper copy.


Have a lovely summer and I look forward to seeing you on Wednesday 2nd September.


Best Wishes

Mrs Luckhurst


Keeping Hydrated


Our bodies are made up of around 70% water and keeping well watered is essential!

Staying hydrated is really important but it can be difficult to know how hydrated we are.

Headaches and feeling tired and thirsty are often signs of dehydration but did you know the easiest way to find out if your dehydrated is to look at the colour of your wee!


Try making your own wee scale so you and your family can see if they’re hydrated!

Have a go at these learning activities about the water in the human body in order to help your family keep healthy!

Science Learning Activities

Optional additional experiment:

Urine Colour

PSHE/ Geography


Keeping Safe Near Water


We have now learned all about water, about its constant cycle around the world, its passage across our land through rivers and canals and even how it keeps us healthy. We also need to respect water though, it gives us life but can also take our lives if we don't respect its power. Complete the fun actives below in order to make sure that you stay safe if you find yourselves near water this summer.



Other optional bits and bobs for now or a wet day during the summer break....

Optional Maths Problem Solving for this week or during the holiday...