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Year 3

                                           Welcome to Year 3!  



Here you will find out what the Goldfinches and the Puffins have been learning about.  We appreciate your continual support with reading, spelling, rockstars and mathletics as this is really beneficial to your child's progress. 


Watch this space for updates and photos as we explore the rainforests this term! 


Here is a brief overview of all the exciting things we have planned for the first half term. 







Wellbeing focus and transition activities



Problem solving activities and number facts



Talk for Writing -

Non- Chronological Report about a rainforest animal


What is a habitat? How do animals adapt to living in different habitats?




DT – creating 3D rainforest animals






Problem solving activities and number facts


Animal Classification

Where are the Rainforests – identify the Tropic of Cancer, Tropic of Capricorn and the Equator



Maths Week – Growth Mindset and time table practice

Food chains

Comparing UK and rainforest climates


Art – Henri Rousseau Jungle pictures – focussing on individual flowers


Beginning our new Power Maths Scheme

Place Value within 1000



Talk for Writing -

Story in a familiar  setting

Amazing Invertebrates – hunt for mini beasts in forest school and garden

Studying the 4 different layers of the rainforest and their characteristics


Art – Henri Rousseau Jungle pictures – using view finders




Place value within 1000

Designing poster about invertebrates

Jungle Explorer Topic day!

Wed 7 Oct Puffins

Fri 9 Oct Goldfinches



Adding and Subtracting (2 digit number from a 3 digit number)


Art – Henri Rousseau Jungle pictures – drawing Jungle pictures, using crayons




Adding and Subtracting (2-digit number from a 3-digit number)


Harvest Festival


Harvest Festival 


On Tuesday 20th October the Year 3 will perform the Harvest Assembly.  We will record this and the clip will be shown on the website for everybody to enjoy.  The children are working really hard to learn their lines and songs, and we appreciate any support you can give them with this.  


Below is a link to the 3 songs that they will be singing and we will send the lyrics home with the children this week.  


Best wishes, 

Miss Thijssen and Mrs Pearson

Thank your lucky Stars


This is a link to the third song, it is a youtube clip that we use in class. 

Harvest Assemblies


Click on the images below to link to our harvest assembles. We really enjoyed rehearsing and presenting them even though we aren't able to present them to you all in person...



Year 3 Puffins Harvest Assembly




Year 3 Goldfinches Harvest Assembly




Jungle Explorers!


The Year 3's transformed into explorers this week and went off into to the Jungle!  They all had a fantastic day, exploring and discovering the world's jungle-covered regions and learned so much from Simon, a genuine real life explorer who spent a lot of time in the rainforest.  The day was full of fun activities like problem solving and team work and they investigated many interesting and current subjects such as climate change and deforestation. They all looked the part, thank you for the super outfits!