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The Governing Body

The governing body at Bridgetown Primary School is committed to ensuring the highest possible standards of achievement for all its pupils in a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment.  We are a dedicated group of volunteers who support the Head Teacher, Mrs Tailby, and the senior leadership team by:


  • Developing the strategic direction of the school and challenging outcomes to assist in the improvement of the school.

  • Monitoring performance and standards to ensure progress and attainment are continually improving to the highest level for all pupils

  • Providing sound financial management which can demonstrate accountability and value for money so all pupils benefit from the best possible resources and environment in which to learn.


In order to fulfil the role, we utilise our skills and experiences to support and promote the interests and ethos of the school community.  We are supported by training opportunities to ensure we are up to date with current legislation and practices.


We encourage the partnership between school and parents and as such welcome your feedback.  Please feel free to contact me to find out more about Bridgetown Primary School’s governing body. 


Best regards


Rob Derbyshire

Chair of Governors



In writing:            Address to the Chair of Governors via the school postal address

Letter from the Chair of Governors

The Bridgetown Governing Body


Chair of The Governing BodyMr Rob Derbyshire (Co-opted Governor)
Vice Chair of The Governing BodyMrs Caroline Stanford (Co-opted Governor)
Co-opted Governors

Mrs Helen Rutter

Mrs Carol Archer
Ms Sophie Hobson
Ms Catherine Chatterton

Parent Governors

Mrs Rebecca Evans

Mrs Genevieve Lebordais

Mr Gordon Birrell

LA GovernorMrs Lindsey Flatres
Staff Governors

Mrs Jane Tailby (Head Teacher)


Clerk to GovernorsMrs Kiley Hykin