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Year 5

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Year 5 Space Assembly

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Climate Change Day at Bridgetown - 16.06.21


Focus: Reuse, Reduce, Recycle.


Today we participated in two different Climate Change day workshops where were learnt about the causes of Climate Change and the impacts it has on the world around us. We worked in groups to act out and change the 'extract - make - sell - buy - throw' process to 'make - use - reuse - repair - recycle' process. This process will make a positive difference and encourage us to think more carefully about waste. 

In relation to waste, we collected together all of our rubbish from lunch time, as well as extra packaging waste, and sorted it into what could be recycled and what couldn't. We spent time looking carefully for the recycling symbols on each packets so that the rubbish was not disposed of incorrectly. 

We ALL learnt what 'carbon sinks' were too. 

Sports Day

Drawing Planets to Scale

This week we had lots of fun drawing planets in our Solar System to scale using compasses, string and lots of head scratching maths calculations! Once we drew the planets we also calculated the distances between each planet to scale and paced this out on the playground. It really helped us to understand how close (relatively speaking) the terrestrial planets are to each other and the Sun, compared to gas planets.

NSPCC Number Day

Herons and Swans have had a wonderful time celebrating Number Day today (7th May). Our classrooms were buzzing with maths excitement as pupils participated in challenges, games, and quizzes on a number theme. It was great to see so many pupils dressing for the occasion too. 

Topic Space Day

What a fantastic first day back we have had learning about what it takes to be an astronaut.

At the start of the day we were invited by Tim Peake to take part in the UNSA Astro Science challenge. We spent the morning taking part in lots of different challenges to develop the key skills astronauts need: teamwork, listening and communication, memory and problem solving.  In the afternoon we worked in teams to achieve the first UNSA space cadet badge: Build and Launch a Rocket.

Summer Term 1 2021

We have a very exciting term ahead, starting with our fantastic 'Space' topic. Have a look at our topic grid to find out some of the areas we will be covering.






Planet Fact Files

Adding and subtracting fractions.

Space Immersion Day: Team work and astronaut training activities.


Story on a Similar Theme: Science Fiction Stories

Problem solving involving adding and subtracting fractions.



Multiplying fractions.

Earth, Sun and Moon


Calculating amount of fractions and using fractions as operators.

Day and Night


Extended Instructions: How to be an astronaut.

Reading and writing decimals to 3 decimal places.

Possible Space Centre trip tbc.


Ordering, comparing and rounding decimals.

Moon Phases


Autobiography: Tim Peake

Understanding percentages.

Seasons & Eclipses

Borrowers Houses

Herons and Swans thoroughly enjoyed creating their own tiny houses using objects they 'borrowed' from home and school. They drew inspiration from this half-term's English text 'The Borrowers' by Mary Norton. The text sparked pupils' imaginations and helped them to produce some fabulous pieces of extended writing too.


Monday 29th March  

Year Five Greek Day


To round off our topic on Ancient Greece, we held a Greek Day. At the start of the morning we were all given authentic Greek names. Then to wake us up, we completed a Spartan style training drill to prove our worth to the Spartan army. No slacking was allowed, although we were able to wear shoes and clothes - unlike Spartan boys in Ancient Greece! We spent the rest of the morning ‘in the life of an Athenian child’. We learned to read and write the Greek alphabet and found out about Socrates, Plato and Aristotle - famous Greek philosophers. We also took part in some philosophical discussions of our own. To finish he morning we tried to complete a ‘Stomachion’; a puzzle by the Greek mathematican Archimedes. Throughout the morning we worked in shifts as a team to prepare spinach and feta parcels, pitta bread and Greek salad.

We put on our dancing shoes in the afternoon to learn some Greek dance steps—tricky but great fun! We had worked up an appetite so were ready for our feast.

James Bond needs our help!


Year 5 Agents,


When chasing the villains on my last mission, I slipped! It was very embarrassing, but worse the villains got away!

Can you let me know which surfaces I need to avoid when chasing villains?

I look forward to hearing your results.


Thank you

James Bond   

Our science investigation

To help James Bond, we investigated how much friction force was needed to move a shoe across different surfaces, using a Newton metre. By doing this, we were able to discover which surfaces James Bond should avoid when chasing villains and which surface he should chase them on. The surfaces he should avoid are the ones which generate the least friction force and the surfaces he should chase them on are the ones which generate the most friction force. 

Fantastic Fractions!


Today we used practical resources to convert improper fractions to mixed numbers. Using the resources, we were able to identify how many whole parts there were in the improper fraction and how many parts we had left over, giving us the mixed number. 


Today we began our unit of work on fractions. We thought about what fraction notation means and how we can show a unit or non-unit fraction using a variety of representations.

Super Science!

We have been continuing our Forces topic, which we began during remote learning. This week pupils investigated air resistance by undertaking the following investigation.

Pupils worked in groups to create their own parachutes, thinking carefully about their variable and how they could ensure a fair test. Following extensive testing (numerous drops from the Year 3 / 4 landing!) pupils discovered that their predictions were correct: large parachutes fall more slowly as they have a greater surface area for air resistance to act on.

STEM Teamwork Challenges

During our first  week  back Herons and Swans thoroughly enjoyed putting their teamwork, communication and engineering skills to the test by working with different groups each today to complete a daily challenge. Some challenges were more successful than others but were valuable learning experiences nonetheless. Why don't you have a try at some of the challenges as a family - we would love to know how you get on.

Welcome Back!

We are so thrilled to welcome Year 5 back to school after 8 weeks of remote learning. The focus for the next 4 weeks is: reconnecting with each other, emotional health and well being, consolidating topics taught during home learning and introducing new maths and English topics.

Return to school Spring 2021








Introduction to our class novel ‘The Borrowers’ by Mary Norton.

‘Hook’ task- create a home for a borrower.

Cold write – building tension.

Multiplication and division consolidation.


Fractions RTP (Ready to Progress) assessment

STEM Teamwork challenges: bridge building, tower construction, longest paper chain from 1 A4 sheet of paper, tin foil boats.


Air resistance investigation


Investigating figurative language.

Past tense and past progressive tense.

Short Burst writing  - describing a garden


What are fractions – how can they be represented?

Finding equivalent fractions.



Begin to make 3D Greek theatre mask


Learn ‘Blackbird’ by the Beatles


Investigating theories of gravity.

Aristotle or Galileo – who was correct?


Exploring devices which build up tension

Begin to write a chapter of ‘The Borrowers’ where Arrietty explores  the garden.

Converting improper factions to mixed numbers and vice versa.

Comparing and ordering fractions



Continue to make to make 3D Greek theatre mask


Begin to add musical accompaniments to ‘Blackbird’.


Friction investigation


Hot write

Write a story in the style of The Borrowers.

Adding and subtracting fractions.

Greek Day 29.3.21


Reflecting on forces – what have we learnt? Pupils to choose a method to record / demonstrate their learning.

Sing - Gary Barlow & The Commonwealth Band

                               KS2 Christmas Carol Service

Please find a copy of the words for the Year 5 songs as well as a copy of the words which are going to be sang by all classes. 

You can also access the soundtrack for 'O come all ye faithful' and 'Santa Clause is comin' to town' at the bottom of the children's useful links page -

Year 5 Swans  - This Christmas Time

Anglo-Saxon  Houses

What a fantastic 2 days we have had working on our engineering and teamwork skills. We worked in groups of 3 to design and build Anglo-Saxon style houses. First, we drew a plan to scale and then carefully measured and sawed the wood for the frame. We had to be very precise when gluing our frame together to create strong and accurate joins. Team work was essential as we fixed the base and top in place. We persevered even when we found parts of the construction tricky; this was especially the case with the roof! Our final frames were very strong and sturdy. Even though our frames were constructed in exactly the same way, all of our houses look different thanks to their creative and imaginative exteriors.

Anglo-Saxon style house from K’nex

Today we showed excellent teamwork and super engineering skills when we worked in groups to make a house from K’nex. We thought about the shapes which make strong structures and how we could strengthen our frames and attach a roof. Some structures were more successful than others but we will use the lessons we have learned to help us make a stable and strong house from wood.


Autumn 2 

Here is an overview of all the exciting things we will be doing this half term.


Autumn 2 2020







Creating a kenning poem

Place Value

Negative numbers, counting in 10,100,1000,10,000, number sequences

Anglo Saxon day – introduction to our new history topic

Presenting and analysing data on a graph


Talk4writing unit

Writing from another character’s perspective


Introduction to Beowulf

Addition and Subtraction

Adding and subtracting  whole numbers with more than 4 digits



Where the Anglo Saxons came from and why they invaded. 


Writing from Beowulf’s perspective

Addition and Subtraction

Rounding to estimate, mental calculations, inverse operations


Describing a typical Anglo Saxon village and explain the jobs people did


Writing from Grendel’s perspective

Addition and subtraction

Problem solving

D & T

Building Anglo Saxon houses


Talk4writing unit

Campaign to be King

Graphs and tables

Interpreting graphs, two way tables, interpreting line graphs, drawing line graphs


Researching Sutton Hoo





Talk4writing unit

Campaign to be King

Multiplication and division

Multiples, factors, prime numbers, using factors


Viking invasion at Lindisfarne





Anglo Saxon non-fiction information booklets

Multiplication and division

Square numbers, cube numbers, inverse operations, multiplying and dividing by 10,100,1000


Air resistance


Geography Day

What an exciting and busy day we have had developing our mapping skills! To begin the day we completed an orienteering challenge around Bridgetown & Trinity Mead. We followed an OS map to help us locate flags hidden in different locations. We also had to keep our eyes open to identify the position of signs, symbols and objects.

After play we went in Forest School to work on our survival skills. Mrs Newman tried to light a fire using a special tool called a bow drill – it is much harder than it looks. Luckily we were able to use flints and steels to create sparks to start ‘mini fires’ using cotton wool and petroleum jelly. Then we whittled our own sticks and used them to toast marshmallows with.

After lunch, we revised the points on a compass and went outside to set and read compasses and used them to describe the position of objects on the school field.

Power Maths

This week (week beginning 28.9.20) we began our new Power Maths scheme of work. Power Maths is based on a mastery approach to mathematics and incorporates growth mind set messages, to reinforce that EVERYONE CAN DO MATHS. Mrs Luckhurst will be delivering a parent forum on 11th November to share information about it.

Dance Workshops

Today (29.9.20) Herons and Swans enjoyed participating in an Alice in Wonderland themed workshop led by Steph from the 'West End in Schools' dance company. 

Rock Star Hall of Fame

A huge well done to Toby, Rowan, Jovun, Harry and Noah have been inducted into Bridgetown's very first Rock Star Hall of Fame for the academic year 2020/21, based on coins earnt and studio speed.

Maths Week 21 -25th September 

What a fantastic week we have had developing our maths skills and confidence. We learned lots of growth mind set messages all about how amazing our brains are and tackled lots of challenges and problems which made us look at maths in a different way. As well as enjoying creating art using maths and undertook the challenge of calculating the height of the school building using only a sheet of A4 paper! 

The Rock Star Times Tables website has been kept very busy this week and it has been wonderful to see such high levels of engagement. Well done to Ruby for winning the house battle. Out of the 12 'Most Valuable Player' awards half were awarded to Year Five.