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Home Learning Week Beginning 4th May

If you would like to see some of the wonderful work you have been sending in to us, have a look on our Year 6 Home Page through the link below:

Your Home Learning Pack for This Week

VE Day  - voluntary family activity

Please check in with this week's assembly for more details but here are the activities that you may find useful in celebrating 75 years since the 1945 VE Day celebrations.

Thursday 7th May

Good morning Year 6 - just!  We are so sorry to have forgotten to put the work on today - not really a very good excuse but Mrs Swanwick is teaching in school today and Mr Lether is busy with our planning for next week so between us we forgot to put on today's work.  However, we know that you will have used the timetable to check - we are really sorry.


English and Topic

Please continue with your Just So stories and your Mayan facsion and weaving.  We have alreay had some great stories sent in as well as some Mayan work - fantastic.



We are finishing our work this week on Angles.


Video: Year 6, Summer Term Week 1, Lesson 3 – Angles in a triangle – special cases

2. Activity worksheet: ‘L3 – Angles in a triangle – special cases (Summer Term Week 1 - Lesson 3 on WR website)

3. Optional Friday Maths Challenge – You can find this under Lesson 5 of Year 6, Summer Term Week 2, Lesson 5, Friday Maths Challenge


Wednesday 6th May

Good morning everyone, you all seem to be busy at home. If you haven't collected your Year 6 hoody yet then please email in to arrange a time for an adult to collect.  The photos of you wearing them are great!  The home learning for English and Topic is for the rest of the week and some of the Mayan work may take you into next week, which is absolutely fine.



Writing a Just So story

You have really created some excellent responses to the just So stories so it’s now time for you to do the final part and write your own Just So Story.  Take the rest of the week to write, draft, proof read, edit and publish.

Use the resource L3&4 – Writing a Just So story to help you write your story

  1. Read through the characteristics of a Just so Story.
  2. Select the camel, Whale or Rhinoceros Story to recap the format of the stories .
  3. Use your plan from yesterday to write a first draft. Keep using this checklist to remind you.
  4. Read your story to a grown up or sibling at home, as if they are your writing partner. Identify three things that you are pleased with and one to improve. Do they agree?
  5. Complete your story then edit and proof read for accuracy as well as dialogue used. Check that the dialogue is being used effectively and not too much – does it move the story on?
  6. Publish and produce your story in any of the following ways:

· either by writing out again

· make into a short storybook

· word process

· make a recording that can be shared with us

Great work Year 6!



Video: Year 6, Summer Term Week 1, Lesson 2 – Angles in a Triangle:


2. Activity worksheet: ‘L2. Angles in a triangle

Remember that this is Summer Term - Week 1 Lesson 2 on WR website)


3. Check your answers

Topic - The Mayans

We had some great work last week, especially the Top Trump cards and your Mayan Mind Maps.  Remember keep adding to your mind maps as you go along, adding new information as you learn.  

This week's work is to cover today and tomorrow and may even go into next week. . The weaving project can take longer – share your weaving when you have completed it.


Mayan fashion and clothing

1.Go through and read the information on ‘L1 Mayan Clothing and fashion – What did the Mayan Wear?’

2.Watch, sketch and take notes on the clip


Choose from one of the listed activities on the What did Mayans wear? Sheet. The options are listed below:

Option 1: Draw a selection of Mayan clothes or design your own based on the pictures and BBC clip. Annotate with captions

Option 2: Create a Maya headdress.

Option 3: Design your own print or pattern for Maya fabric - paint, colour or collage

Option 4: Create your own Mayan outfit – model it through a photograph, recording and write a commentary to go with this.

Link back to the work that you did last week on jobs and social status to help you think who your clothing would be suitable for: priest, noble, merchant trader, potter or even farmer.


Mayan weaving

This is a project that might take you a little bit more time so you can take this activity through to next week

1. Read through the information sheet ‘Introduction to Mayan Weaving’ - you don't need to go through this powerpoint as well as the information is duplicated.

2. Follow through Mrs Swanwick’s guide to CD Mayan Weaving ppt and have a go yourself

Tuesday 5th May



You have been set new Mathletics activities for this week. You have until Friday at 3:15pm to complete then. Use today to  log on and get started with these activities. If you complete them, have a go at the Mathletics Live challenges to compete in maths games against others in our school and across the country!


Also try to spend some time on TTRockstars today. Certificates for our top 3 most valuable players of last week will be going out today! Was it you?



Refer back to yesterday's instructions for English. We suggested that you spread these tasks out over two days.


If you have already completed your plans, read through them and consider the following: Have you explained the origin of a feature or characteristic? Does is have any other features that you have included?



Hopefully, you were able to plan and complete the investigation yesterday. If you have not done this yet, then start here.


Once you have completed your investigation, can you create a line graph to show your results. You could use a line for each person who completed your challenge. Have a look at the line graph below to give you an idea of what this could look like. Once you've completed your line graph, look at for any patterns or trends in the data. Can you complete a scientific explanation of why you have these results?













VE Day

Why not use some of your time today to complete some of the VE day tasks in preparation for Friday. Have a look at the VE day resources at the top of this page.

Monday 4th May

Good morning everybody,

No guessing that Mr Lether is a number 1 Star Wars fan Year 6!  Sadly, Mrs Swanwick is not such a huge fan but she did see the original film in 1977 and remembers a friend having a Jedi lightsaber!  So, this week we are looking for you to continue 'using the force' and working as hard as you have been!  We are truly amazed by your efforts, hard work, diligence and focus Year 6 - the work that you have been doing is amazing and each day we have really enjoyed seeing your efforts.


This is our last week on our current English writing topic on Rudyard Kipling and the Just so stories before we start a short unit on poetry next week followed more narrative writing after that.  We are also starting a new science topic this week on the Heart and Circulatory System.  We usually link this with our class book 'Pig Heart Boy' but we will be able to read this when we hopefully get back into school.


Please remember to keep up with your class reading on Bug Club.  We gave you some tips and reminders last week and also how to locate the questions to help you move on to further books.  Please let us know if you feel the books at the level you are reading are too challenging and we will sort this out for you.


If you haven't done already, watch today's assembly - it is all about VE day and how it was celebrated across the country 75 years ago.  As part of the week there are voluntary suggestions for how to celebrate at home and there is an optional family history activity at the end which features Mrs Swanwick's dad, who was 8 at the time.


Have a good week and keep in touch,


Mrs Swanwick and Mr Lether


1. Select 8 or 10 words from the Y5&6 statutory list that you are unsure about. Practise them using some of the strategies we use at school.


2. Select some of the Year 5&6 words and create other words using prefixes and suffixes to this root word e.g.  communicate communication uncommunicative



Please note that we have not been following the exact activities and days on the White Rose website. Today’s work will be found under Summer Term - Week 1 Lesson 1 on WR website


1. Video: Year 6, Summer Term Week 1, Lesson 1 – Vertically Opposite Angles:


2. Activity worksheet: ‘L1. Vertically Opposite Angles (Summer Term - Week 1 Lesson 1 on WR website)



These tasks should be completed over two days. We suggest you spread them out across Monday and Tuesday.

1.‘L1.Creating ideas for a narrative. ‘ Refer to your ideas from last Thursday and then go through this activity. Select an animal, identify how these features or behaviour might have come about. Draw your animal and label.

2. Review your animal and characteristic or feature idea for your animal

3. L2 ‘Planning a Just So Story’. Develop your plan for a Just So Story to explain the origin of the animal feature or characteristic to a younger child. Use this planning sheet/format to help you

4. Read through your plans. Have you explained the origin of a feature or characteristic? Does is have any other features that you have included?



1. Watch: 'The Heart and How it Works’ -



2.Follow through the tasks in ‘1. Heart Investigation’


In this investigation, we would like you to have a look at the effects of exercise on the heart. You will need to measure your pulse (beats per minute – BPM) after several exercises and record the differences. After recording this, can you plot your results in a graph and make a scientific conclusion from your results.


Think carefully about how to keep your investigation fair. Follow the instructions on the worksheet to help you set up this investigation in a fair way which will produce accurate results.


Please take some photographs and send them in!

Contact us here!