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Week Beginning 13th July

Mrs. Bishop.

Well my sunflowers are nowhere near being as impressive as Mrs. Bowen's and Mrs. Smith's, so I thought I would write this message in sunflower yellow instead! My sunflowers are showing no signs of flowering soon, unfortunately.

I have however, had some success with some of the vegetables I have grown. I have harvested some delicious Charlotte potatoes - I particularly like the really small ones and I like to put some butter on mine, letting it melt over the top before I eat them - yummy! I have also picked two courgettes today. I am going to make spaghetti bolognese tonight and will grate a courgette into the meal. Whilst I am making that, I am also going to make a lasagne, again grating the courgette in, so that I can freeze it, ready to take it away on holiday to Wales next week - we are very excited in the Bishop household!



                                      Charlotte potatoes.                  Courgettes.


Do you remember the pictures I took of the Agapanthus plants growing in

pots on my patio? Did you have a guess as to what colour they might be? They have not fully flowered yet but they are blue - so I thought I would write this paragraph in agapanthus blue! I really love the flowers on an agapanthus flower, they are so unusual but beautiful.






It has been really enjoyable adding these photographs and news about what I've been up to during lockdown. I only wish I'd learnt how to do it a bit sooner! I hope you all have a lovely summer break and manage to have some lovely holidays or days out with family and friends, where you can all rest and relax. I hope to see you at some point in September.

Take care Kingfishers and Swallows.


Mrs Pateman

This week I enjoyed working with some of the key worker children. For the last few weeks we have been making pom-pom creatures, and this week we had to work hard to get them finished before the summer. The children were really proud of their finished creatures!


When I got home from school, I found out who has been eating the strawberries that I grow in my garden…a very cheeky squirrel! I couldn’t understand why lots of red, juicy strawberries had been taken off the plants, nibbled, and then the stalks thrown onto the garden. I knew it wasn’t the blackbirds, as they peck at them. It wasn’t slugs, as they leave a nibbled trail around the strawberry, or a deep hole inside them. The squirrel looked very pleased with himself. Afterwards, he went for an energetic run up and down the garden. I watched him for a while until he climbed up our tall pine tree. I know the squirrel has its drey (home) right at the top of that tree.

After watching the squirrel, I went to check up on the tadpoles that are growing in the pond. I haven’t seen as many of them recently. I was very happy to spot one swimming towards our red frog. Can you spot it in the photograph? It has back legs that are quite strong now, and its front legs have started to grow too. Soon its tail will start to shrink. It’s looking much more like a frog now!

I hope you all have a lovely summer break. See you in September!

Mrs Smith

Well my sunflowers that I planted a few weeks ago are not blooming yet like Mrs Bowen's, but they are getting pretty tall now! I planted 6 out into the garden which I grew from seed, and as you can see from the photo, this one is over 6 feet tall! I can't wait for it to flower which will hopefully be soon. The other 5 are nowhere near as tall as this one so where it is positioned in the garden must be perfect growing conditions.

How are you all getting on with yours? Maybe you could grow something else over the holidays? Enjoy the summer everyone... 

Mrs Bowen

I can't believe that the tiny seeds I planted at the end of March when lockdown began have now grown into beautiful bright sunflowers! The flowers appeared just in the last week and they are a lovely sunny yellow. It would seem that there has been some beauty that has come of these difficult times. Have your sunflowers flowered yet? How tall are they?