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Protective Behaviours / Taking Care

January 2022


If you were unable to attend the Parent Forum on Protective Behaviours and Taking Care, please have a look at the Powerpoint attached below.  The purpose of the evening was to give a flavour of what Protective Behaviours and Taking Care means for the Bridgetown School Community.  There were lots of interactive activities as well as looking at some of the resources that we use when teaching the Taking Care project.  If you have an questions about the presentation, please email the office and these will be forwarded to Mrs Swanwick who leads PSHE across school.

Protective Behaviours and Taking Care


Protective Behaviours is a practical and down to earth approach to personal safety.  At Bridgetown Primary School we value and press upon the importance of everyone within our school community feeling safe.  By following and developing the Protective Behaviours approach and process within our school,  we are encouraging each individual to be self-empowered to use the strategies to keep themselves safe.  


Protective Behaviours is based on two universal themes:

" We all have the right to feel safe all the time"


"We can talk with someone about anything, even if it feels awful or small"


Use the link below to view a recording of Ann Seal's Protective Behaviours session for parents.