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Hi Bluebirds

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend and celebrated VE day in style. I'm sure lots of you have found out more about what VE Day means, and how important it was to those who lived through the war. One of these photographs was at a neighbour's, her dad was in the war and she still has his gas mask! My next door neighbour, who is 82, lived in Avon Crescent during the war and she vividly remembers the original VE Day party. She told me all about the tables being set out in the street for a feast, how happy everyone was and how they all went into the fields (where the 'modern' houses are on Dale Avenue, Avon Crescent and Eton Road) and played games. She recalls winning the egg and spoon race!! We had a socially distanced harp recital, because a lady on our street plays the harp. On sunny days during lockdown she brings it into her front garden and plays for us - it's beautiful. I made some cucumber sandwiches and red, white and blue fairy cakes to share. It was a lovely way to meet the neighbours and enjoy the celebrations of such a special day.

My dog Dilys has been getting very hot in the recent warm weather so for the first time we tried a home groom. She was very patient and still while we did it - I think she liked all the attention. She's now much cooler and happier as she runs through the fields next to the glorious cow parsley (another of my favourite plants/weeds!). 

Hope to see you all soon, Mrs E x

Message To Woodpeckers

Dear Woodpeckers,


I hope you have all enjoyed the VE celebrations this weekend. We spent the day having a super walk along the Warwickshire to Gloucester railway line and spending time inspecting fields of dandelions and buttercups around our village. Margot is loving having me at home and it is geat having the time to care for her. We spent the evening having a barbecue and then enjoying a fire in the firepit- one of my favourite things. I have also enjoyed doing lots of cooking, the picture is of home made potato waffles with streaky bacon, portobello mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and a fried egg from Amber, the chicken who lives next door!


Mr. Green




The Secret Garden


Thank you to everyone who has commented on how much your child is enjoying The Secret Garden. It's more listening to or reading The Secret Garden this week focussing on chapters 9, 10 and 11.


Again there are a range of activities around the text including:

  • writing an invitation
  • choosing adjectives to describe a personality and drawing characters,
  • writing a diary entry

If possible share read (or listen to) the text together and then discuss and try to answer as many of the questions as you can.



This week's spellings all use the prefix 'auto'.

For the prefix slider activity, it suggests printing off the pages but this is not really necessary! It should be a simple and fun activity for your child to make their own slider, having written out the list of 'root words' themselves.


Year Four Crossword (optional)

Last week's Solution:

Across: 1.crossword   6.Saudi  7. tulip   9.isolate  12. donkeys 16.rough  17.Mount 18.enchanted

Down: 2.onus 3. sci-fi  4.outdo  5.Dollar  6.slender  8.prevent 10.say 11.endure  13.ethic  14.Simba  15.gust



We are continuing with decimals, there is lot of work in Year 4 to ensure that children understand this essential place value knowledge!


This week you will find the videos and learning tasks on the White Rose year 4 section of the website. Summer Term – Week 1 (w/c 20 April) lessons 1,2 &3.




We would like everyone to continue with Mathletics and Rockstars. We know that some of you find you tables a real challenge while others find them a breeze. Please don't give up if you are struggling. 


This week we have tried to set you tables within your learning zone so that they are accessible to you. Some of you will be focussing on you 1-6 times tables while other rock legends will be working on your 13,14 and 15 times tables!!


As usual there are optional problem solving activities and our weekly challenge.

Weekly Maths Challenge

Solution to last week's Challenge: All three lights will be off after 5 seconds. All three lights will next come on together after 120 seconds.


In this lesson your child will present the main stages in the life cycle of a flowering plant as sequenced diagram. By the end of this lesson children will be able to name the stages in the life cycle of a flowering plant and the order in which they occur. You will need an apple for this lesson.


Video 1

Still image for this video



Have fun with this weeks PE activity!

Report writing


Your teachers have now started to write your reports for this year. We would like your help in doing this. Please have a look at the task below and the return your work to: