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Felix Dennis Poetry Competition


A huge well done to our two pupils who will have their entries to the Stratford Literacy Festival's Felix Dennis Poetry Competition included in the anthology of poems from the event. Keep an eye out for the anthology which will soon be added to our school library. In the meantime, have a look at the two entries here:

Emily - Year 4Thomas - Year 3

The Ocean


The ocean is blue,

It even fools you,

The ocean is calm,

But it can cause harm.


The ocean, the sand,

You’re holding my hand.

A sudden close shave,

A humongous wave!


The ocean, so blue,

The tides that renew,

The currents, the waves,

It rarely behaves.


The ocean, the blue,

I’m sharing with you,

The sun and the shimmer,

The elegant swimmer.












About a horse


The horse skipped,

and ran and ran and tripped

and ran to his Mum

with a very sore tum.

She offered him grass

but he said “Thanks, but I’ll pass.’’

His Mother got him to the doctor

in a yellow helicopter.

The doctor said: “You will be well

if I cast a spell.’’

She said the spell like this:

“Zip zap zo

make this horse go,

make this horse wetter

and make him better!’’

It began to rain

and that eased the pain

and he felt better again.

He returned to the stable

and ate at the table

some flowers

which gave him mystical powers.

Next he sings

and grows some wings

and flies in the sky

and can never die.

He takes a bus

with a pegasus

who becomes his best friend

and that is the end.


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Keep an eye out for much more coming soon!