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Week Beginning 22nd June

Mrs Smallman 

Hello Children!

Wow what a hot week! I hope that you have had a good time in the sunshine! I wondered what to plan for the keyworker children this week, but decided that because we have gone from having torrential rain to beautiful sunshine, we should talk about the water cycle! We did a few experiments to see how evaporation happened and then made individual water cycle mobiles for our rooms! 

At home I have been busy planting some seeds and I am hoping that we can feed Dominic's tortoises some of the salad leaves when they are ready! I also had a go at using a very dangerous electrical saw  - did you spot me in Monday's assembly? 🙂

Looking forward to seeing some of you on Friday!

Mrs Smallman x

Mrs Bowen

This week I have been monitoring our 'Sparrow Terrace'! This year we were so pleased when 2 sparrows made it their home! I think the eggs hatched about 10 days ago, as this is when we first began to hear their voices. They were very quiet at first but this week, as you can hear, they are MUCH louder! According the the RSPB, they will fledge from the next in 14-16 days, so I'm keeping a close eye. It would be amazing to see them leave the nest! 


Sparrow feeding chicks

Still image for this video

Mrs. Bishop.

Now that Mrs. Smith and myself have had some expert tuition from Mrs. Bowen, I am also going to add some news about what I've been up to!

The weather has been absolutely glorious and today (Wednesday 24th June 2020) is no exception - it is incredibly hot outside. We are very fortunate to have a large pool in our garden, to help us cool down. It comes out each summer and the boys love to play in it. I am sitting in my dining room at the moment, where it is lovely and cool but I am wondering whether to join my boys outside shortly and possibly be brave enough to actually go in the water myself! I have taken a photograph of the thermometer used to read the temperature of the water and I was astounded by the reading! Can you read how warm the water is? Wow, it's warm! I think I might be brave and dip my toes in!




Mrs Smith

This week I have been enjoying this beautiful weather we have been having. I've been in the garden a lot and have really been appreciating the nature around me. I have been surprised at the amount of bees that have been buzzing around the flowers which has been lovely to see. We get a lot of foxes around where I live and we hear them a lot at night time (they are so noisy!) and occasionally we see them too. A couple of weeks ago we noticed a baby fox cub outside our front window by himself in broad daylight! We have since seen him a few times, including in our back garden when he came in to say "hello" to our guinea pig (who fortunately was safe and secure in his hutch!). He is very cute don't you think?

Mrs Smith

Mrs Pateman