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Welcome to the Year 3 Home Learning Page

While we are not able to be together in school we will be using this page to share learning and activities with you. On 20th March everyone took home a starter home learning pack and for those already away from school this was delivered to you. 


Your pack involves the following: Maths, English, Science and Topic activities, as well as some mindful colouring.


In addition to your pack we would like you to:


  • Take part in Times Tables Rock Stars at least 3 times a week
  • Read a range of books, websites and magazines everyday
  • Visit the Mathletics site 
  • Get outside, enjoy the springtime and get lots of exercise and fresh air!


Daily suggested timings:

English, Writing, Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling – 60 minutes

Reading – 30 minutes

Maths – 60 minutes

We also suggest that you spend some time each day doing something creative – art, music, DT, cooking and sewing.


Enjoy learning at home but most importantly stay safe and enjoy spending time with your family.  Please remember the social distancing principles which is so important to ensure the virus is contained as quickly as possible. You can contact us via our year group email account: 


Miss Vernon and Miss Thijssen




Thursday, 2nd April, 2020


Good morning Puffins and Goldfinches, we really hope you had some great April Fools Day tricks up your sleeves, we would love to hear about them!


How did you get on with planning your fairy tale?  Is yours going to be one that is based in Egypt, or have you chosen another place / time for the Cinderella story?


Today we would like to write your story, and think of it as a ‘hot task’, that includes all our essentials from the toolkit. We want you to focus on:

  • Neat, cursive handwriting
  • Good punctuation ( full stops, capitals, inverted commas for speech, exclamation marks, question marks)
  • Paragraphs – each part of the story should be a new paragraph
  • Time conjunctions – to show us in what order the story happened
  • Conjunctions – to expand sentences , i.e. because, but, if , so, which, although
  • Exciting adjectives and adverbs, describing the nouns and verbs in detail
  • Powerful verbs, to make your writing even more interesting


Please don’t rush through your writing, take your time.  Look carefully at your planning from yesterday and write each paragraph at a time. Maybe have a break after the first two paragraphs, (the introduction and the build-up) and carry on after. It would be nice to see some nice pictures to go with this once you have finished your writing.


We would love to see some of the finished results. Maybe you can send a picture to our email address 


Good luck with your story!

Take care and stay safe,

Miss Thijssen and Miss Vernon

Wednesday, 1st April, 2020 


Good morning Goldfinches and Puffins,


Happy April Fools Day! Have you been able to trick your friends and family yet this morning? Please let us know of any good tricks that fooled the people living with you :)  


We hope you had a great day yesterday. It has been so lovely to hear from many of you via the Year group email.  We have really enjoyed seeing your photos and hearing about your home learning as well as all the other fun activities you have been doing whilst staying safe in side.  If you haven’t emailed the Year group yet, please can you and parents / carers get in touch on


How did you get on with conjunction sheet from yesterday?  We are working towards writing our own fairy tale story this week, so today we would like you to create a main character, and describe what he / she would look like, what his / her habits and personality are and to draw a picture of your main character.

Your fairy tale can either be another version of Cinderella but in a different time period / place, (i.e. Victorian, pirates, rainforest or anywhere else) or you can adapt another well-known fairy tale into an Egyptian story.

We have attached a story mapping box for you, showing the 5 main parts of a story.  Can you plan your fairy tale and write a few bullet points for each part to show the main events in that particular part of the fairy tale?


For Maths, we would like you to continue to learn the 8 times table using the resources in your home learning pack.  Maybe you can get your whole family involved and play bingo, just like we have done in the classroom (write 6 random answers to the 8 times table on a piece of paper and nominate one person to call out the multiplications).


We hope you are getting on well with the new lesson about perimeter on Mathletics. If you haven’t logged on yet, please look today as we will be checking in tomorrow to see how everyone got on.  Remember that you can now email us if there are any queries. 


Best wishes, Miss Thijssen and Miss Vernon

Tuesday 31st March 2020


Good morning Year 3.  We hope you are having a good start to the week and enjoyed the story, The Egyptian Cinderella.  If you didn’t get a chance to watch it yesterday, check it out today on the video clip below. Today we have a conjunctions challenge for you.  Please download the document below.  You don’t have to print the sheet you can copy the sentences from the screen on to paper if you prefer.  We have also attached a conjunctions mat for you to support you with the activity.


For Maths today we have assigned you an activity on Mathletics on Perimeter.  Please sign in to Mathletics and it will be waiting for you to complete. (If you can't find your login please email your teacher)  The perimeter is the distance around the edge of a 2d shape or area.  We have also saved a sheet to explain the perimeter to you before you complete the activity.


Extra Maths Challenge: Can you measure the perimeter of the rooms in your house and work out which room has the largest perimeter? If you don’t have a tape measure or metre stick you could measure it in steps.


As we are sure you have all been missing the weekly singing assembly, here is Spring chicken for you to sing with your family.


Have a fun day at home, keep safe.


Miss Vernon and Miss Thijssen

'Spring Chicken' from Out of the Ark Music @ Home (Words on Screen Lyric Video)

Fun On Friday - 'Spring Chicken' This is an Out of the Ark classic! Young children will have a ball as, one by one, four little chicks hatch out in time for ...

Spring Chicken Easter Assembly Song and Dance from Songs for EVERY Easter by Out of the Ark Music

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

Monday 30th March 2020


Good Morning Year 3.  We hope that you and your family have had a lovely weekend at home and have had quality time together, relaxing, watching films and playing games.  Hopefully, you are now feeling recharged and ready for home learning week 2.  Did anyone have a go at making the Egyptian Flat breads last week? (Recipe at the bottom of this page).  Or the creative challenge on Wednesday. We would love to see any pictures of your home learning so please send them to our new year 3 email account,

How did you get on with your weekly spelling test on Friday? We hope that you did well, any that you didn't quite master, please continuing practising.  This week's spelling words will be posted below later today. 


Today, we would like you to read The Egyptian Cinderella.  We will be linking our English work this week to the story. Today's task is to read/watch the story and discuss it with an adult/sibling at home. Here are some questions to discuss after you have read the story.  Who stole Rhodopis?  Where did Rhodopis get her name from?  Why did Rhodopis look different to the other girls? Do you think Rhodopis will be a kind and caring queen? Find some evidence from the text. What does the word companion mean?  Are there any other words you need to check the meaning of in a dictionary? How did Amasis describe Rhodopis?  How did the servants feel throughout the story?  Can you compare the story to the traditional Cinderella story? What are the similarities and differences?  There is a lovely copy of the book being read to you below. 


Today’s maths is to continue to learn the 8 times table in your home learning pack. Start by listening to the 8 times table song and chanting them. Then, why not play a race game with an adult at home, who can write the 8 times table out the fastest? Then you can use it to support you with playing hit the button (Link at the bottom of this page)


If you haven’t seen it already, Mrs Warren has created an amazing Bridgetown Primary Art Challenge which can be found on twitter and instagram.  Each day there is a different theme with ideas and inspiration to help you create your own artwork.  The theme today is Minibeasts.  Please ask an adult at home if you can have a look at the suggestions to get you started- maybe others in your home will want to have a go too.

The link are:

Instagram - @art_at_bridgetown_primary

Twitter - #bridgetownartchallenge


Have fun learning and remember that all important daily exercise too. 


Stay safe, 

Miss Vernon and Miss Thijssen. 


The Egyptian Cinderella

By Shirley Climo / illustrated by Ruth Heller

Below is a suggested time table for week 1 using the resources from your pack. We will also be putting daily learning and activities on this page so please check in throughout the day.



Weekly Spellings  - Week 2 

Practise the spellings below to learn for the spelling test at the end of the week (Friday 3rd April). 

Use a variety of strategies already taught to learn them:

•    Pyramid words
•    Rainbow colours - Identifying the sounds, root word or suffix
•    Look, say, cover, write, check
•    Drawing around the word 

Focus: previously taught suffixes - ed, ing, less, ful



















Day 1


Rockstars Sheet

Maths activity booklet



Read your reading book out loud to a parent.


Spelling word search


Grammar, punctuation and spelling activity mat



Science Food Diary - you will need to make the diary and complete it each day.

Day 2


Maths activity mat






Reading  Comprehension


Spelling handwriting sheet


Pobble Save our Habitat story starter and question time





Ancient Egyptian


Crack the Egyptian God Names

Day 3


Rockstar Sheet

Maths activity booklet




Reading for pleasure


Spelling word search

Grammar, punctuation and spelling activity mat



Design an Egyptian Sarcophagus

Day 4




Maths activity mat


Read your reading book out loud to a parent.


Spelling handwriting sheet


Photo sheet I can see/I Can hear



Ancient Egyptian Food and Drink



Day 5


Rockstar sheet


Play a board game with a family member



Reading for pleasure


Spelling test






3d Egyptian Sarcophagus

Friday, 27th March, 2020 


Good morning Year 3!  It is Friday today, which means you have all nearly completed the first week of home learning.  There have been lots of things for all of us to get used to, but we hope that you have stayed busy, and enjoyed the new challenges.  


As it is Friday, it is time for the spelling test. Please have another good look at the spellings for this week (see Monday's update), and ask a family member or carer to test you on the words, just like we would do at school. How many did you get right? 


During this period, David Walliams offers a fantastic story telling experience,  called Elevenses, at 11am every morning. Not only does he write brilliant and very funny stories, he is an excellent story teller, and will really bring the story to life. We bet you will enjoy listening to this!  


Miss Thijssen and Miss Vernon


Here is the link: 

Thursday, 26 March, 2020


Good morning Goldfinches and Puffins, welcome to day 4 of home learning!


Yesterday was another lovely sunny day, and we hope that you all had a great day.  As well as all the home learning, please remember that it is so important to have a nice time with the people in your home, so please play games, have fun, be kind, enjoy yourselves and  most importantly, look after each other! 


Did you have a go at the Maths challenge? We hope you created some tricky word problems for your family members to solve ... 


As promised, here are the answers:

 1.  20 years x 15 pyramids = 300 years ( you could do 10 x 15 = 150, and double this) 

 2.  70 days divided by 7 = 10 weeks

      1 day = 24 hours, so 70 x 24 = 1680 hours

3. 1332 - 1323  = 9 years   (calculate 32 - 23, then at the 1300 back on)        

4. 2020 - 1922 = 98 years   ( 2020 - 1920 = 100, then subtract 2 years) 


Your daily challenge today is a grammar one, focusing on speech marks (inverted commas). 

Remember that speech marks show us what is spoken directly. The opening speech marks come in front of the first spoken word, and the closing speech marks go after the last spoken word. The punctuation (. , ? !) needs to be included in the speech marks!  


Here are two examples:

All the children shouted, "We need to wash our hands!" 

" Where are you going?" asked Charlie. 


Please copy the following sentences neatly in cursive writing and include the missing speech marks.  



Miss Thijssen and Miss Vernon



Picture 1

Wednesday, 25 March, 2020


Good morning Goldfinches and Puffins, 


We hope that you all had a nice day yesterday.  Luckily we are all still allowed to go outside once a day for exercise, did you manage to go on a walk or bike ride in the lovely sunshine? 


Today, as well as your home learning packs, we have a creative challenge and a Maths challenge, all linked to our topic Ancient Egypt.  Why not send a photo of your design to school so we admire your art work and share it with our classes? 


We hope you enjoy it, and we will post the answers to the Maths questions tomorrow.  


Miss Thijssen and Miss Vernon

Picture 1
Picture 1

Tuesday 24th March 2020


We hope you had a good first day at home on your home learning journey and you are staying safe. 

Did you try out PE with Joe (The Body Coach) yesterday at 9am? If not, why not give it a go today...


Grammar Challenge

Today, in addition to your home learning pack, we have a Grammar Challenge for you. Good luck!

After completing the challenge, can you think of some interesting sentences using the words?

Extra challenge: Can you write your own rule for when you use a or an?

Monday 23rd March 2020


Grouping in eights activity

Go onto the Learn section and click on autumn multiply and divide and there you will find the grouping in Eights activity.

If you need some help, click on i button in the top right corner and it will go through it with you.  Once completed press submit.

We will be checking in online to see how you get on.

8 Times Table Song (Cover of Rolling In The Deep by Adele)

We would like you to start learning the 8 times table by listening to this fun and catchy 8 times table song.

Weekly Spellings 

Practise the spellings below to learn for the spelling test at the end of the week. 

Use a variety of strategies already taught to learn them:

•    Pyramid words
•    Rainbow colours - Identifying tricky part of the word, sounds or prefix/suffix
•    Look, say, cover, write, check
•    Drawing around the word 


Focus: Words with the /k/ sound spelt ‘ch’  and homophones 












Fancy doing some Egyptian style baking this week.  Here is a great flat bread recipe. 

Saboob (Egyptian Flatbread)


  • 2 cups (240 g)  plain flour, plus more for work surface
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 3/4 cup (180 ml) milk
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil


  1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees F (190 degrees C). Line a baking tray with parchment paper.
  2. Whisk flour and salt together in a bowl; form a well in the centre. Add milk and oil; mix until smooth dough forms.
  3. Turn dough out onto a lightly-floured work surface; knead until smooth and pliable, 10 to 15 minutes. Set dough aside to rest for 15 minutes.
  4. Divide dough into 4 equal pieces; roll out each piece with a rolling pin to about half a centimetre thickness. Arrange on prepared baking sheet.
  5. Bake in the preheated oven until lightly browned, 8 to 10 minutes.

Website links

We will continue to add new websites to this list to support your home learning journey. 

Contact us...

You can contact us with any queries here. Though we won't be able to reply to you directly from here, we can update the page accordingly...thank you.