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Good morning Goldfinches and Puffins, 


We hope you had a good first day back yesterday.  Did you find lots of instructions around the house?  Did you manage to see the similarities and pick out the main features? 


Here is our Toolkit for Instruction Writing, we will work on all these features over the next couple of weeks. 

  • imperative verbs (bossy verbs)
  • title
  • commas for a list
  • present tense
  • start sentences with a time conjunction, followed by a comma
  • subheadings to organise the text - what you need, what you do
  • list of equipment / ingredients
  • colons  ( : )
  • adding suffixes to root words - e.g. ly and ing - carefully, evenly, adding, filling
  • rhetorical questions - posing questions to hook the reader into the text. 


Have a great day, 

Miss Thijssen and Miss Vernon

A Message From Mr Green


The Key Stage Two team and I all hope that you took some time to relax and just enjoy being over the Easter break,  although being together so much can also pose its own challenges too!


As we return to home learning this week some of you may be feeling a little overwhelmed again by the thought of educating your children. We would feel exactly the same if we were asked to do any of your jobs at the drop of a hat, with little time to train or prepare. Do not worry, it looks like we will be spending several more weeks at home and the learning posted on our website is not intended as a challenge for you to complete as we would at school but as a range of activities for you and your children to dip into over time.  We don't expect you to print everything off and have a record of work on the work sheets provided and we have tried to increase the number of open ended practical activities that can be completed away from a computer.


Make sure that you have fun exercising, and enjoying the magnificence of spring as it unfurls around us!


We will continue to update the website over time and should you have any questions or concerns please email your year group teachers who will be pleased to help.


Stay safe everyone!


Mr Green

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