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Week Beginning 15.6.20

All of the information below was sent out via email on 12.6.20. If you did not receive an email please contact us at


Here is this weeks Learning Overview

Click on the image to enlarge and open document as a PDF


This week we continue work on Greek Myths and legends, focusing on mythical creatures. There are no resources for Thursday and Friday as we would like you to create your own mythical creature. We hope that all the stories / video clips / pictures  / websites we have put on the class page this week and last week, will support you with this activity.


Here are this week's spellings:










There are no longer any White Rose teaching videos and worksheets which follow how our curriculum in school would. Therefore, everything you need for each lesson will be on a PowerPoint (attached below). This week there is a slight change to the order of lessons. Instead of doing Mathletics on Thursday and a maths lesson on Friday, we have decided to move Mathletics to Friday as both maths lessons need to be looked at before the Mathletics task can be completed.  


Each lesson (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday) will include:

  • Introduction/teaching slide(s) 
  • Independent task
  • Support task
  • Problem solving and reasoning task
  • Home Learning Challenge


You will be set Mathletics on Tuesday and Friday. 

Topic / ICT

Add another page to your Ancient Greece website based on this week’s English work on Greek Mythical creatures. You could choose 1 creature to describe in detail or select images of a number of creatures to label and explain.

We are so pleased with lots of the web pages which have been created so far.

Here are the instructions on how to make your web page, just in case you haven't started yet.


This week’s Art activity is to design and draw your own Ancient Greek pot which represents YOU. The pot should be about yourself and reflect your hobbies and interests. You might want to include some abstract or geometric shapes on your design too. Use the outline template below to support you.