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Week Beginning 8.6.20

All of the information below was sent out via email on 5.6.20. If you did not receive an email please contact us at


Here is this weeks Learning Overview

Click on the image to enlarge and open document as a PDF

Don't forget it is the Battle of the Bands this week - 8th June until 12th June. 

Well done to those Rock Stars, from both classes, who battled throughout this week! The Herons are the winners.

See the points below for the final scores!


This week is the start of our unit of work on Greek Myths. We haven't set many writing activities as we would like you to spend your time reading as many myths as you can. 

Below are some stories and links to film clips for you to read / watch. We hope that you may have some books of your own at home. If not and you are a member of a Warwickshire library, there may be some books for you to read on Borrowbox by clicking on the link below.


If you aren't a member of the Warwickshire Library, you can join for free by following the link below.

Find out more about English this week.

Greek Myths to listen to

Click on the image below to listen to The Wooden Horse.

Greek Myths to read
Animated Myths

Greek Myth grid to complete on Monday or Tuesday

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan

Click the image to listen to Miss Harris reading Chapter 1 - I accidentally vaporisze my maths teacher. 

Here are this week's spellings:









Theseus and the Minotaur Comprehension

Choose 1 level ( *, ** or ***) to complete

An example of a Greek myth mind map


There are no longer any White Rose teaching videos and worksheets which follow how our curriculum in school would. Therefore, everything you need for each lesson will be on a PowerPoint (attached below). Each lesson (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) will include:

  • Introduction/teaching slide(s) 
  • Independent task
  • Support task
  • Problem solving and reasoning task
  • Home Learning Challenge

You will still be set Mathletics on Tuesday and Thursday. 


Read through the introduction to Ancient Greece Powerpoint and complete the time line activity. You can either print, cut and stick the events or you could make your own timeline to draw the events on.  As an extra challenge could you do some research of your own and add different events to the timeline?



This week's art activity is to research and draw an Ancient Greek style pot. Use the PowerPoint and templates below to support you.

Optional activities

ICT - Add another page to your Ancient Greece website based on this week’s topic lesson. You could add a time line or select 3 important events to summarise. Step by step instructions for adding a new page as well as your front page are included in the documents below. 

World Oceans Day

On the 8th June it is World Oceans Day where people around the World celebrate and honour the ocean. There are some activities that you could do this week to promote and support this special day.  They are attached below. 


Book recommendation

You might want to read the book 'Someone Swallowed Stanley' by Sarah Roberts. This book fits perfectly with World Oceans Day. You can hear the story being read aloud here - 

You can also listen to why the author chose to write this book here