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Week Beginning 6.7.20

All of the information below was sent via email on 03.7.20. If you did not receive an email, please contact us at


Here is this week's learning overview:

(Click the image to open as a PDF document)


This is the final week of our work on Greek Myths. After spending weeks reading myths, designing your own mythical creature / hero / heroine and researching Greek Gods and Goddesses, now it is time to write your own myth!

Your myth needs to relate to a quest - what your hero / heroine is searching for is entirely up to you. On the planning sheet below, you will find an 'ideas' column with lots of prompts to help you plan your writing.

Don't forget to use all the Greek Myths you have been reading as inspiration for quests / mythical creatures and settings . The writing checklist below will give you an idea of the grammar and punctuation features we would like you to include.


Plan your Greek Myth, using the planning grid to help you.


Write your Greek myth using the checklist to help you include grammar and punctuation features.

Use these writing prompts to help you start your sentences, extend your clauses and up level your vocabulary.


After you have emailed your Greek myths to us for feedback, publish your writing, addressing any editing points you have been given. The stories can be published by hand or on a computer.

Here are this week's spellings:










SPAG revision; choose an activity mat (*,** or***) to complete.


There are no longer any White Rose teaching videos and worksheets which follow how our curriculum in school would. Therefore, everything you need for each lesson will be on a PowerPoint (attached below). Each lesson (Monday, Wednesday) will include:

  • Introduction/teaching slide(s) 
  • Independent task
  • Support task
  • Problem solving and reasoning task
  • Home Learning Challenge


Thursday's lesson this week will be a consolidation of the angles work you have done so far. Therefore, you will only be set Mathletics on Tuesday. 

Additional activities

Wellbeing and Mindfulness - these are similar activities to those we will be completing in school during the 'keeping in touch' morning sessions.

ICT - Continue adding to your Ancient Greek webpage. If you would like an alternative ICT activity, have a go at the Scratch project - synchronised swimming. Follow the PowerPoint below. 

PE - Chance to Shine Cricket  - Week 3, Super Striker