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Wednesday 1st April

Hello Year 5! We were both in school teaching yesterday, it felt very strange as there were only 3 children and none of them were Herons or Swans. It made us realise how much we are missing you all so it it was lovely to receive so many emails from you all letting us know the exciting things you have been doing at home. 

Today's challenge is abit of a messy one - marbling! Marbling creates wonderful patterns, maybe you could marble some paper for an Easter card to send someone you cannot see at the moment. You can buy marbling inks, but the link below uses food colouring and oil - hopefully things you  will already have in your kitchen.


Have fun!

Mrs Luckhurst & Miss Harris 

Tuesday 31st March


Hello Year 5 and Happy Tuesday! Today’s challenge requires: paper and PATIENCE. Remember when we made those lovely origami envelopes for your Mother’s Day cards? Well, today you can have a go at creating even more. There are three different origami shapes you can make – a cat, a rabbit and a daffodil. Miss Harris had a go at all three, you can do this too or you could just select one. Miss Harris used a square piece of paper with an area of 100cm2 and a perimeter of 40cm. What was the measurement for each side? You can change the size of the paper but remember to always start with a square. Have fun discovering what you can create out paper!


Miss Harris and Mrs Luckhurst.

Picture 1

Monday 30th March

Hello Year 5! Are you ready for your second week of home learning? Don't worry if you didn't finish all the work set last week, it can be spread over this week too. Some days you might feel super motivated and get lots done, other days might be more a struggle. It is absolutely fine to feel this way - lots of adults feel like this too. Just try your best. 

We don't know about you but with there being quite alot less traffic on the roads, everything seems quieter and we can really hear birds singing. With this in mind, your challenge today is to spend some time in your garden or looking out of your window and do abit of bird spotting. Here is a link to a website to help you identify any birds you don't know.


Perhaps you could sketch some of the birds you see.

Have fun

Mrs Luckhurst & Miss Harris

You can contact us via our year group email account: 

Friday 27th March

Hello Year 5 - you made it to the end of your first home school week! A huge well done to you and your parents. We hope you have all enjoyed the sunshine and have been able to go outside during your 1 hour of permitted exercise. Make sure you relax over the weekend and let your parents relax too!

If your parents are anything like Miss Harris and I are on Fridays, they will be very tired after a week of teaching so your challenge today is to BE KIND. Find as many ways as you can to show kindness to people in your house to today.

Here are a few ideas:

Make your bed / offer to make someone a snack or drink / set the table or clear up after a meal / pay someone a compliment / thank your parents for everything they have done for you this week / play with a sibling without arguing / make a card or write a nice note to give to someone. 


Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Luckhurst & Miss Harris

Thursday 26th March


Hello Year 5, we hope you’re ready for another daily challenge. Today’s challenge involves the use of your artistic skills and the beautiful sunshine! Choose an object (for example, a toy) and take it outside with you. Place it on a piece of paper in a position where the sun is shining on it - creating a shadow. Then draw around the objects shadow - these are called shadow drawings.

You could try this at different times throughout the day to see how the shadow changes in size and shape. Remember when we looked at shadows during our topic lessons? At what time of day do you think it will be best to create your ‘shadow drawing’ and why? 

We have added some examples for you just in case you needed any inspiration.


Enjoy this challenge and make the most of the sunshine! We hope you are all keeping well. 


Miss Harris and Mrs Luckhurst

Picture 1
Picture 2

Wednesday 25th March

Hello Year 5! Here is today's creative challenge; use cardboard tubes to create a marble run. Think carefully about the angles you will need in order to ensure that your marble runs smoothly form top to bottom. Don't forget to ask an adult before attaching it to the wall. Below is a link to a website with some marble run ideas.

Have fun!

P.S Don't forget to log on to Mathletics - well done to those of you that have already done so.

Tuesday 24th March


Hello Year 5, we hope your first day of home schooling went well. Have a look at today’s creative challenge. You don't have to do all 30 days, can choose how to do it - either by following it day by day or choosing specific days which interest you the most (day 2 and day 6 link quite nicely to our last topic - Space). As we said yesterday, please take lots of pictures and share them once the blog is set up so we can view all of your Lego creations! 


Keep being CREATIVE!

Miss Harris & Mrs Luckhurst

Picture 1

Monday 23rd March

Hello Year 5! We hope you were up bright and early for 'Mum / Dad school'. It feels very strange not being able to see you today. Each day we are going to upload a daily challenge, just something fun for you to do, if  you finish the tasks in your home / school pack.  Here is today's challenge:

Using 1 newspaper and 1m of masking tape / sellotape can you make a tower 2m tall? The tower must be freestanding ie you can't support it in any way. Measure your tower and keep a note of the measurements, maybe even take a photo. When we get our blog up an running (Warwickshire IT support are VERY busy at the moment) you can share your structures.

Have fun & stay safe

Mrs Luckhurst & Miss Harris


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