School Logo

Bridgetown Primary School

Ready, Respectful, Safe

Bridgetown Staff

Senior Leadership Team

Headteacher Mr M Szortowski

Deputy Headteacher & Inclusion Lead

Mrs L Pinkerton

Business ManagerMrs C Jeffs-Watts


Middle Leadership Team

Reception and Key Stage 1 leaderMiss R Knight
Key Stage 2 leaderMrs L Coaché
Literacy leadersMrs S Bes-Jeary/Mr T Lether
Maths leaderMrs N Luckhurst


Class teachers

Year GroupTeachersTeaching Assistants

Miss R Knight


Mrs E Dhami 


Mrs A Edney


Mrs J Haerle


Mrs L Stephens


Year 1

Miss W Harris


Miss I Pugh

Mrs T Mansfield 


Mrs S Morris / Mrs O Vale

Year 2

Mrs C Smith/Mrs S Bes-Jeary


Miss M Wilkes

Mrs O Vale


Mrs S Elsworth

Year 3


Mr T Lether


Mrs N Pinner/Mrs N Luckhurst


Mrs N Cooper


Mrs R Elwell

Year 4

Mrs L Coache


Mrs K Element

Mrs V Tilford / Mrs O Vale


Ms H Stenning

Year 5

Miss C Thijssen


Mrs S Pearson


Mrs S Biles


Mrs C Walker


Year 6

Mrs E Swanwick


Mrs J Milward

Mrs G.Crow


Miss S Chalk



Cover teachersMrs K Holt, Mrs K Bishop, Mrs J Bradley, Mrs R Puar and Mrs L Fletcher
KS1 and KS2 interventionsMrs J Pateman and Mrs K Whittlestone
Other support staffMrs C Smith, Mrs C Goodwin,  Mrs S D'Ambrosio, Mrs S Wheeler,  Mrs M Wight,  Mrs K Leach, Mrs C Prada, Miss H Muirhead, Mrs R Acutt, Miss M Jaakonkari and Miss E Heywood
Nurture Provision Leaders

Mrs S Newman and Mrs S Pettifor

supported by Mrs C Goodwin

Sport support staffMr J Storey


Office Staff

School AdministratorMrs S Smith
School AdministratorMrs S Gil 
Clerk to the Governing BodyMrs K Hykin


Lunch Time Staff

Kitchen ManagerMrs R Dag
Catering Assistants


Mrs C Smart

Ms L Edwards

Ms T Hodges

Mrs H McGurgan


Midday Supervisors

Mrs M Nahal (lead)

Mr J Herbert

Mrs K Lambova

Ms F Masrour

Ms O Kraeva

Mrs K Leach

Ms C May

Mrs S Allcott

Ms L Finch


Premises Staff

Site Manager


Mr L Ghezzi


Mrs M Nahal

Mrs E Scarrott

Ms F Masrour

Mrs T Hodges

We currently have no staff who have needed time off due to being union officials.