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Year 1 BS/LP



To complete our topics this year, we join together with our friends in the Foundation Stage and Year 2 to do a shared 'transition' topic, 'Euro-Kitchens'. Each year group takes a different country and finds out more about the geography, the culture and, of course, the food! We then take our passports with us and visit the other classes to find out what they have been learning about and enjoy tasting some of the foods from their chosen European countries. This also helps us to get to know our new classrooms and teachers for September a little better.

In Year 1, we have been finding out about Italy. We've located it on a world map and found key cities on a map of Italy. We've identified human and physical features (learning what those terms mean) and found out more about the culture. We've even learned to speak a little Italian! We have tasted a variety of Italian foods and will even be making our own pizzas during a trip to Pizza Express! We're looking forward to sharing what we have learned with our friends in the other classes.

Click on the link below to try learning to count to Italian for yourself....



Knights and Maidens....


Just in time for St. George's Day, in year 1 we learned all about 'Knights and Maidens'. We started our topic with a look at shields and used our school houses, Nelson, Raleigh, Chichester and Drake as an inspiration to make our own 'house' shields. This meant we also did some research about those famous historical now we know exactly why our houses are named after these very important people!


We read lots of fantasy stories about knights such as 'Small Knight and George' and also about dragons like 'Zog'. We also found out real facts about knights and castles. We put lots of questions on our learning wall already!


Alongside our topic, we are continuing to observe the changing seasons in our science work. We were especially excited to search for evidence of birds making nests and even gathered our own potential nest-making materials!


Week beginning 20th April: In maths, we thought about two digit numbers and how to easily locate them on a hundred square and also practising those number bonds! We are learning to apply our number bonds to ten to help us with other additions such as ways of making 20.... check out the websites below to help us practise these important skills!




In phonics we have been working on spelling those tricky split digraph words that keep catching us out... we need to remember to look out for the 'e' on the end of words that changes a vowel sound to its name. Try the dragon themed game below to help with this... select phase 5 and then one of the split digraphs (a_e, e_e, i_e, o_e, u_e).


Week beginning: 27th April 2015 In maths we learnt about halving and quartering objects, shapes and amounts. Try this out...



In phonics, we have investigated ways to spell the 'oo' phoneme. This noughts and crosses game helps to reinforce the different spellings...



Week beginning: 4th May 2015 In maths we thought about grouping objects to count them in sets of 2s, 5s and 10s. This develops into 'times tables'. Here are some useful weblinks to support the children's learning in this area...


In phonics we learned alternative ways of spelling the phoneme 'ow' ...test your spelling with this game...


We enjoyed learning about the solar eclipse!

We enjoyed learning about the solar eclipse! 1     We enjoyed learning about the solar eclipse! 2     We enjoyed learning about the solar eclipse! 3