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Team Safe

Team Safe


Miss Knight, Mrs Pinkerton and Mrs Coache were very impressed with the high standard of applications for 'Team Safe' from key stage two children. After a thorough shortlisting process, we are pleased to inform you that these children will make up the team for 2021-22:



Erin P






Jacob Sm


Ella M


George R

Jack R

Florence B




Henry L

Ella L-W


Charlotte H






Team Safe: The Launch!


It was very exciting to get the whole team together to talk about the purpose and aims of Team Safe. It was agreed that our priorites are:

  • To ensure that all pupils, staff and visitors to Bridgetown School feel safe, secure and respected.
  • To make Bridgetown a positive and welcoming learning community.


The team is made up of three sub-committees:

1) Health and Safety 

2) Online Safety

3) Safeguarding Team


We discussed what the key priorities for each team would be for the next term and the children had lots of fantastic ideas. We can't wait to see what they come up with in our sub-committee meetings. Their first task is to design a logo to represent the whole team. Watch this space for updates....


...and the winning logo design came from Charlotte. The team agreed that it encapsulates all that Team Safe is about! Look out for us around school sporting the design on our badges.


All of the sub-committees have now had chance to meet and it was great to get back together to share our plans as a full team. We were delighted to also welcome our safeguarding governors, Mrs Stanford and Mrs Lebordais to listen to our ideas. Look out for the online safety team's posters and contributions to the newsletter, watch out for the health and safety team as they inspect the school and find out about the safeguarding team's ideas for supporting everyone's mental health in their special assembly in June.