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Home Learning Week Beginning 1st June

School Day

School Day is our additional day each week - the day that we do at school.  Some of you aren't able to join us in school and we don't want you to miss out on what we are doing so this is your 'School day'.  The activities aren't related to anything else that you are doing in home learning so you can do them whenever you get chance.  You might even want to pop your school uniform on for your virtual school day - if it still fits! 

For the occasion this week, Mr Lether cut his hair and Mrs Swanwick made sure that her hair looked ok!                       



Reading: Please could you read for an hour today? This can be your Bug Club Book or your own choice of reading book.  You might not have finished your 1-7 chapters for Holes so you can catch up today.

Maths: Task 1 - Theme Park Maths (there is an easier version which uses smaller and easier to deal with numbers if you prefer).

  • Task 1a: Design your theme park. You have £500 000 to spend on your theme park. Use the prices & information page to see what you can spend your money on. Use squared paper if you have some. If not, be creative with plain paper and try to estimate the size of your attractions using the proportions of squares which would have been used. Keep a log of your spending.
  • Task 1b: Label your theme park and design some of your rides.
  • Task 1c: Create a poster to advertise your theme park.

We will continue this project next week. We will look at your expenses in running your theme park and your profits based on the number of visitors you attract, so plan it well! Please email in your theme parks so that I can judge how popular it will be with visitors to begin with.

PSHE – Transition to secondary school.
Before we start thinking about moving on to secondary school first of all we want you to think about yourself and the qualities that you have. Don’t be embarrassed, be proud and think of everything – it’s cool to be proud of yourself. If you can’t think as yourself, imagine what your family and friends would say about you.
1. Draw an outline of yourselves. Identify what your strengths, qualities and skills are. Write these around your picture.
2. Can you put together a set of questions, worries and concerns you have about moving from Bridgetown to your new secondary school. Over the next few weeks we hope to be able to answer them in our School Day PSHE sessions. Please email them in to help us with our planning for this. We will share these sessions with everyone either in school or through video or powerpoint.


Thursday 4th June

Good morning everyone, here is your home learning for today.  Later on today I will post the 'school day' learning.  These are the learning activities that we have been doing in school but can still be done at home if you are NOT joining us in school at the moment.  They are not related to any of our other home learning lessons but important for you too.  We will title the section 'SCHOOL DAY'

As promised yesterday I will be putting up the work that we have been sent in this week on irrigation devices, do send in any more pictures, photos and your designs and evaluations.


​​Hope that you all have a good day.

Mrs Swanwick and Mr Lether smiley wink



Task 1. Read Chapter 7 of Holes by Louis Sachar
Or listen to the you tube audio recording of Chapter 7 pt 1 up to 3 min 37 seconds

Task 2. Recap on the words and phrases that you thought of yesterday to describe Camp Green Lake.
Task 3. Write your own description of Camp Green Lake writing between 150 – 200 words.
Task 4. Something to think about. Imagine that you are Stanley. How would he describe his feelings on seeing Camp Green lake compared to his childhood idea of Camp Fun and Games?
Task 5. Now read to the end of Chapter 7 if you haven’t already or listen to the audio of Chapter 7 part 1 (above link) and 2.


Holes by Louis Sachar Ch. 7 pt. 1

Holes by Louis Sachar Ch.7 pt. 1 Read aloud with slides to accompany the text. (Recorded with

Holes by Louis Sachar Ch. 7 pt. 2

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.


Watch Video: Can be viewed on the school website

Summer Term - Week 6 (wc 1st June)

Lesson 1 Fractions to Percentages

I couldn't get this with the VIMEO put if I can do this later I will put it on (sorry from Mrs Swanwick)

2. Activity worksheet: ‘L3. Fractions to percent.’
3. ‘Optional Maths Challenge’ (if not already done)


DT Mayan Irrigation device

Continue with the activities for this that are under Tuesday and Wednesday.  If you don't have the resources to actually construct it you can still do the design part.



Wednesday 3rd June

Good morning everyone.  Hope that you have had a good couple of days.  We are half way through our first week back in school and it has been lovely to see everyone who has been able to be back.  We hope that you enjoyed it - it was certainly different to what we have all been doing since we left school in March.  If you look on the timetable at the bottom, we all have a school day, whether you are doing this in school or at home, so if you aren't in school this week do have a go at the activities.  If you have any questions about heading to secondary school, please email us with your questions and we will try and include these in our PSHE sessions and tasks.


We will also update the photos this week from our home learning.  Please don't forget to send in photos of your work.  This celebrates what you have done but also acts as a great stimulus for others.  Yesterday in school we looked at Megan and Elise's different Mayan irrigation systems for watering plants at home - it was really inspiring!


Have a good day.

Mrs Swanwick and Mr Lether (with a new haircut!) blush wink



Holes by Louis Sachar

Task 1. Read Chapter 5 and 6 of Holes by Louis Sachar
Or listen to the you tube audio recording Chapter 4-6 Part 2 - see below
2.  Look at the 2 images. Choose 1 and describe it.
3.  Create your own mind map from what you have read or listened to about Camp Green Lake.





Holes by Louis Sachar ch. 4-6 pt.. 2

Holes by Louis Sachar Ch. 4-6 pt. 2 Read aloud with slides to accompany the text. (Recorded with


Watch Video: Can be viewed on the school website or through the link here:
2. Activity worksheet: ‘L2. Fractions of an amount.’


Year 6 - Week 4 - Lesson 4 - Fractions of an amount

This is "Year 6 - Week 4 - Lesson 4 - Fractions of an amount" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

DT - Mayan irrigation device

Continue with this from yesterday.  If you have completed this there is an evaluation which will help you think about what was successful and what improvements could be made.  Remember to send in the photos. I am going to try one out too.  


Tuesday 2nd June




Grammar – Making new nouns
See the activity sheet below: making new nouns


Holes by Louis Sachar

1. Read Chapter 4 of Holes by Louis Sachar or listen to the Youtube recording below.
2. Thinking about what you found out about Stanley Yelnats yesterday and today, begin to create a character description of him. This will encourage you to think about his personality, emotions and feelings as well as what you see: what he looks like, what he has done in his life and where he sees himself.

You can download the worksheet below the video to help you.

Holes by Louis Sachar Ch. 4-6 pt.1



Today is a Mathletics and/or TTRockstars day! Log on and have a go at the newly assigned tasks for you this week.


You may also want to have a go at the optional maths challenge below. Good luck!

Topic / Design Technology


The Maya Civilisation - The Mayans and farming

DT – Designing a simple irrigation device

LI To plan, design construct and evaluate a simple irrigation device for a part of your garden or for a plant in the house.

1: Read the information about Mayans and farming in 'L1 & 2 Irrigation device Plan- design - construct' (download available below).
2.Watch this video below, which will help to understand a little more about the Mayans as farmers.

How did the Ancient Maya farm? - BBC Bitesize

Monday 1st June


Good morning Year 6. To all of you in school this morning, we wish you an excellent first day back. We hope you enjoy being back in your classroom with your friends. Those of you in school later this week, we look forward to seeing you soon as well. If you are not returning to school yet this week, make sure to keep in touch via our email and we hope to see you as soon as we can as well.


Here is you learning for today:




Spellings: Practise your Homophones (see worksheet below).


Your English work this week is based around. Holes by Louis Sachar. Find the worksheets for today below the video of chapter 3. Complete the following tasks:


1. Read chapter 1 and 2 of Holes by Louis Sachar
2. Respond to the questions about character, setting, plot and the writer’s technique.
3. Read Chapter 3 or listen to Chapter 1-3 (video below)

Holes by Louis Sachar Ch. 1-3



Watch the video below to get you started with 'Mixed Addition and Subtraction problems'.


Find the worksheets associated below.


Year 6 - Week 3 - Lesson 4 - Mixed addition and subtraction

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