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Home Learning Summer Week 5

Dear Puffins and Goldfinches, 


We hope you all have had a lovely week, and enjoyed the learning activities, as well as many other things. Thank you so much for all the lovely photos of the VE Day celebrations, it looks like many of you had a fantastic time in the sunshine.  We saw great decorations, super outfits and delicious cakes to name just a few! 


This half term is flying by, and on Monday we are starting our 5th and final week before a well earned rest.  It is a short week as Friday is Teacher Training day. We have now finished our English work on Stig of the Dump, but if you have the book, we hope you will enjoy the rest of the story, or you might want to watch the episodes on Youtube to find out what else Barney and Stig get up to.  The English work next week is based on a picture book called The Stone Age Boy.  There is a link on the planning to the audio version of the book, and the children can read it at the same time. In Maths, we have another week on Fractions, and it has been lovely to see you use all sorts of equipment and resources to do the practical activities, Lego is a great example!  Due to the shorter week, Mathletics will be set on Thursday only this week, Tuesday will be a White Rose lesson, but please feel free to go on and play the games at other times. 


Bridgetown is also starting a new whole school challenge for all the families and staff. 

Inspired by the determination of NHS Hero Captain Tom Moore, we have organised the

Stay at Home Mountain Climb Challenge.  We invite all families and staff to collectively climb the corresponding heights of the world's tallest mountains at home. Our first mountain is the Ben Nevis in the Uk with 1,345m!  All we ask is that you complete a walk, scoot, run or cycle before logging on and recording your own or your family's results. 


Please have a look at the flyer on the Website, and click on the link to watch the video for more information. We are hoping that this project will promote mental and physical well being, as well as helping the community spirit.  We will update weekly how far we got up the mountain, and remember that all the little bits help.  You can count everyone's kilometres, so if there are for example 3 people in your group, you need to multiply the kilometres by 3 .It is completely voluntary but as most families (and staff!)  are going out for daily walks, runs etc we thought it would be great community activity over the next few weeks.  


Please remember to email us at if you have any questions or if you would like to share some information with us, we would love to hear from you.  


Finally, can we remind you all to send us your report comments from your children, over the next few days?  Please see last week's plans for more detail.  


We hope you have a great week, have lots of fun and most importantly, stay safe! 


Best wishes, 

Miss Thijssen and Miss Vernon


Home Learning Plan Summer Week 5 w/c 18th May 

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Optional: additional Twinkl home learning activities if required