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Take a look at the photos I captured of the animals that visited! First up was a penguin who made friends with out cat Bob, then a panda came for tea and finally we were joined by a lion on our daily walk! Obviously, we kept our 2m social distance and we just had to name him Simba! 🦁

Take a look at the photos I captured of the animals that visited! First up was a penguin who made friends with out cat Bob, then a panda came for tea and finally we were joined by a lion on our daily walk! Obviously, we kept our 2m social distance and we just had to name him Simba! 🦁  1
Take a look at the photos I captured of the animals that visited! First up was a penguin who made friends with out cat Bob, then a panda came for tea and finally we were joined by a lion on our daily walk! Obviously, we kept our 2m social distance and we just had to name him Simba! 🦁  2
Take a look at the photos I captured of the animals that visited! First up was a penguin who made friends with out cat Bob, then a panda came for tea and finally we were joined by a lion on our daily walk! Obviously, we kept our 2m social distance and we just had to name him Simba! 🦁  3

👋Happy Tuesday Year 4!👋

We are still missing you all very much and hope that you are all safe and well.  Don’t forget that if you are struggling with a sum that just won’t add up, a spelling that won’t stick or a document that won’t load, just remember to take a break, step and back and look at the bigger picture. Then remind yourself that your biggest achievement each day is being a ‘Stay at home superhero!’ 🦸‍♂️🦸‍♀️💫


🦒🦓Animal fun🦓🦒

Cabin fever had most definitely set into my house yesterday, so we took a break and had some fun with 3D animals on google. (No download of an app needed - your adults will be pleased to hear!) Simply type in the name of the animal you wish to conjure up into google on a mobile device and then follow the instructions until your chosen animal appears!

Mrs Coaché

Tuesday 31st March

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Message from the Year Four Team


Some of you may be feeling a little overwhelmed by the thought of educating your children at home. I would feel exactly the same if I were asked to do any of your jobs at the drop of a hat, with little time to train or prepare! Don't worry. We are in this for the long haul and the information posted on our website is not intended as a challenge for you to complete everything- it is intended as a range of learning opportunities for you and your children to dip into over time.

Enjoy time with your children, take time to reassure them and to adjust to a new way of doing things. Dip into our ideas when you feel ready and don't be afraid to let your children guide and teach you. we will continue to add to the website over time but that is not a directive for you to  keep up.

Take time to appreciate each other, to get out into your local environment and to slow down, see this time as an opportunity rather than a challenge and enjoy getting to know each other and valuing what each of your family offer as individuals.


You can contact us via the year group email account:


Kindest regards,


Mr Green, Mrs Coache and Mrs Element. 






Here is the timetable for this week's learning

Here is the timetable for this week's learning 1



Here are the maths lessons and problem solving referred to in the plan. The  rockstar three minute tests can be found in your home learning packs.


We have referenced the three minute timer use in class below.



Here are the files you will need for English and hand writing tasks this week. The Spellings for week 5 can be found in your pack.

The Dragon who ate our school.mp3



Here are the files for your reading activities this week. You will find the plan on the timetable above. Most children will be able to access the tex but some may require a little help reading some of the vocabulary. There is a guide to some or the less frequently used terminology below.

This week we are setting some reading work that uses some words you may have forgotten (or parents may not know) so the attached document explains the grammar terminology. Enjoy your learning this week !   

explanation of grammar terminology

Hi Year 4 

I hope you've had a good weekend! I was out walking Dilly on the Welcombe Hills this afternoon and it was sunny but very windy! It started me thinking about flying a kite, so here's a poem about the wind for you to try to memorise and recite to someone (grandparents or other relatives would love to hear you recite this on apps such as facetime or houseparty) and if you go onto youtube, look for Kite flying: How to make a homemade kite, and you'll discover how to make your own. Happy kite flying!

Mrs Element  

Picture 1



We would like everyone to make a stop motion video. This may take you several days to think about trial and perfect! I would be good to create a message to send someone that is isolating and on their own to cheer them up! Perhaps you could create something for Easter. You will need to use a phone, ipad or similar android device.


You will meed to download the STOP MOTION app which is available all platforms:


You could use toys, lego, paper cut outs scrabble pieces or whatever you like to make an animation. I have included my basic attempt below, one to go with our Easter song and some links to show you how to do this and some ideas to get you started. Enjoy taking your time and be creative!


Email us some of your finished projects to share!


Spring Chicken by Mr Green

Still image for this video

The parts I used to create the animation

The parts I used to create the animation 1


Here is a new song which we would like to sing TOGETHER when we meet again and an old favourite to teach your family for Easter- it's a Bridgetown tradition!

DT Pizza making

Tips if you haven't got the ingredients in the recipe:



  • 110g self raising flour
  • 25g of margarine/butter
  • 4 tablespoons of milk
  1. make the base by sieving flour and adding margarine rub them together and add milk then kneed until combined
  2. roll out to round shape the wider the base the crisper it is.


Instead of passata put a 400g tin of tomatoes in a blender with the garlic or half an onion. Pop them in a pan to reduce for 12-20 minutes until thickened.


Instead of mozzarella use cheddar or any hard cheese lurking in the back of your fridge!


Top Tips


You can add any other topping you like.

 I like to cook the base on its own for 7 minutes before adding the topping to make it extra crispy!


Mr Green 

Picture 1


Still image for this video

Happy Friday Year 4 and here’s a big double thumbs up from us for completing your first week of school at home! You’re all amazing! 👍👍

Still image for this video
Picture 1 Dilly trying to help me dig the garden!

Friday 27th March 

Good morning Year 4, Mrs Element here! Goodness, I can hardly believe a whole week has gone by since we were all in school together. I hope you have been keeping well and busy.

Have you learned the poem that Mr Green posted earlier in the week, tried drawing people and played some fun games with balloons? I've been trying all of these and think I am probably best at balloon games (!) but I will keep trying with the drawing skills. When I was 8 I learned a poem called Daffodils by William Wordsworth and I had to recite it (say it out loud from memory) to an audience. I still recall the nervous feeling in front of a crowd (lots of Early Warning Signs) but I managed to get through all the verses without a mistake - and I can still recite it from memory now, which is hundreds of years later! Why don't you try reciting a poem to someone at home - remember to use fabulous expression to keep them listening. Challenge them to do the same.  

What about Joe Wickes' PE? I'm completely addicted!! All the lunges and squats were hard work this morning, and every day I can feel different parts of my body aching a bit, but I know it's doing me so much good. Are you getting other people in your family to join in with you? My son Joe (not Joe Wickes, Joe Element!) did one session, and I'm hoping to get him out of bed before 9am every day next week!

I hope you've been able to keep up your steps every day with some outdoor exercise (I'd love to know your step count Toby, Daniel, George, Jack and everyone else with fitbits). I've been doing a long walk every day with my dog Dilly, who has also been helping (or rather, hindering) me while I was digging the garden ready to plant some raspberries, blackcurrants and redcurrants. It reminded me of our sentence work on fronted adverbials, do you remember?

Start with the sentence Dilly dug a deep hole, then decide what to start the sentence with. Think:

When.... Early in the afternoon, Dilly dug a deep hole.

Where.... In the new fruit bush patch, Dilly dug a deep hole.

How.... Energetically, Dilly dug a deep hole.

'ing' clause... Thinking she could smell a rabbit, Dilly dug a deep hole

What cool sentences can you think of? You can email them to us from this page.



7 Times Table Song (Learning is Fun The Todd & Ziggy Way!)

We had great fun learning our 7 times table with this song last week - keep singing!


Thursday 1

Drawing People... you will be far better at this than me!

Drawing People Activity

Still image for this video
Drawing People

When visiting Tate Modern in London last year, I picked up a book about drawing people (because I am not very good at doing this) and have been giving it a go. I thought you might like to join in! Mr Green


We will be assigning activities for you on the Mathletics site, so don’t forget to log in and have a go! If you have forgotten your log in or are not sure what to do, you can message us directly through Mathletics if you wish! Remember to keep your messages maths related only!


🎸 You are welcome to challenge Mrs Coaché on Rockstar maths, artist name Gwen Rockpaperscissors I’ll be online between 9.30 and 10am tomorrow! 🎸


🎈🎈🎈Balloon challenge🎈🎈🎈


Remember to only work for short periods of time and take regular ‘fun’ breaks!

Here is a challenge for you!

Do you have any balloons left over from family events in your house? Blow them all up and see what fun games and activities you can invent to play with them! 


So far in Mrs Coaché’s house we have played balloon catch, balloon ‘keepy uppy’ using various parts of your body and balloon volleyball over a birthday banner strung across a room in the house! What balloon games can you invent?



Good morning year 4 - Happy Wednesday to you all!

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Instructions using Letter-Join Handwriting program


I have included a sign in letter and user guide for the Letter-join handwriting program in the links below and will send a text with log in details.


When you have logged in you will be able to access animated demonstrations of how letters and words that we specify should be formed.


We will update the work and make it more specific once everyone is used to using this tool. For now we would like children to work on:


Harder letters: f, z and x two lines of each please.

harder words: fox to fuzzy - six of each word then put each word into an interesting sentence starting with a fronted adverbial!


Thank you,


Mr Green!

6 Times Table Song (Cover of Shake It Off by Taylor Swift!)

...and perhaps your sixes with Taylor Swift!

8 Times Table Song (Cover of Rolling In The Deep by Adele)

Have a go at learning your 8x table with Adele's song!

23/03/20 Fight for the Year- a poem for you to learn and enjoy

SCIENCE COMPETITION- gets your seeds now!

SCIENCE COMPETITION- gets your seeds now! 1
Picture 1

Week One

Below is a suggested timetable and timings for learning at home.  We are suggesting that the activities are done throughout the normal weekdays as we would cover in school.  The activities are based on revision and some new teaching.  In these cases, using the resources, they can work fairly independently but may need a little guidance/ talk through.  We have selected activities that are accessible at home and do not require research or excessive internet use for the time being.

Additionally, websites such as twinkl and classroom secrets (which we regularly use to support our planning) are all offering free resources to support parents and children learning from home during school closures. Please have a look at the following links if you would like any resources additional to those which we are providing.

Suggested timings:

Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling – 30 minutes

Reading – 20 minutes

Maths – 50 minutes

We also suggest that you spend some time each day doing something creative – art, music, DT, sewing – we will add more ideas to the website if we need to.

Please also be mindful of the importance of daily exercise, we know that this could be difficult but we are sure that you can be creative – yoga, steps, garden sprints or a long walk.

Week One Timetable

Week One Timetable 1

Welcome everyone to the Year Four Home Learning area! We will be uploading activities for you to complete here while we are not able to be together. On Friday 20th March everyone will be taking home a starter pack for learning and for those already away from school we will be asking your friends to deliver these to your doors. Your pack contains the following for the first  week:


  • English activities
  • Maths activities
  • Science investigations
  • Mindfulness activities to help you use your imaginations and relax!


In addition to your pack we would like you to:


  • Take part in Rock Star activities three times a week.
  • Read a range of books, websites and magazines everyday
  • Visit the Mathletics site 
  • work on the spelling rules we set each week.
  • Keep learning our songs and have a sing every day.
  • Get outside, enjoy the springtime and get lots of exercise and fresh air!


From Monday 23rd March we will be giving you new things to do so keep your eyes peeled!  


Mr Green, Mrs Element and Mrs Coache 



P.E with Joe / Monday 23rd March 2020

Join in with Joe's PE lesson Monday- Friday at 9am!

Contact us...

You can contact us with any queries here. Though we won't be able to reply to you directly from here, we can update the page accordingly...thank you.