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Week Beginning 15th June

Mrs Pateman

Mrs Smallman

Hello Children!

I hope that you are all well, despite a very rainy week! Mr Smallman is so glad that the garden is looking greener, but my cats Millie and Lola are a bit sick of the wet weather like me and would very much like the lovely sunshine back!

On Wednesday I worked with the keyworker children again in school. We made some paper helicopters and had great fun launching them from the top of the staircase and watching them spin to our target helipads below! All you need is some paper and a paperclip to make one. We did some scientific experiments to see whether if we shortened the rota blades, they would fall quicker or slower to the ground  - I will leave you to work out the answer! Check out you tube on how to make one - it is very easy and fun! 

Anyway, take care,


 Mrs Smallman x

Mrs Bishop

Mrs Bishop has two new members of the household - gerbils! 


James wanted a pet for his birthday, which was at the beginning of April. We had to wait a while before we thought we could go to a pet shop safely. 




This is Blondie and she belongs to James.       This is Twitch and she belongs to William. 


Mrs Smith

This week I have been baking cakes. Normally I don’t get much time to make cakes, but during lockdown I thought this is something I’d like to do more of... so I have!

Last week I made a yummy blueberry loaf with an icing sugar and cream cheese topping. This went down very well in my house.

For VE Day I made a Union Jack sponge cake and because my girls loved it so much they asked me to make another one this week, so I did. I think I’m getting better with practice!

Mrs Smith

Mrs Bowen

This week I have been painting. I saw that one of Mrs Warren's art challenges this week was 'peacock'. I've always liked the blues and greens that peacocks have, and birds are one of my favourite things to draw. The colours were a lot of fun to paint with, but the tail feathers were much harder than I thought they would be! 

Hope you've had a good week, 

Mrs Bowen