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We are very excited about our new recorder group and are very lucky to have received a set of brand new recorders from Warwickshire Music Service for the children to practise with at home and school! 

Come back to this page to see what we are learning each lesson and to view the practice guides. Thank you! From Mrs Pinkerton and Mrs Haerle.

Spring Term 2 in Recorder Club


This term we are moving on to learn even more notes! This should help expand our repertoire of songs we can play and perform. In week 2 we are finding out about the note 'E'. The video below is a great way to practise it! Enjoy!

Recorder Music for Kids: The E Note Rap!

We Will Rock You!

Another great song that we can play now!

Spring Term 1 in Recorder Club


Throughout the spring term we have been re-capping on the skills and notes learnt to date and also learning some new songs. One of the songs we have been working on is 'Oh When the Saints'. The clip below is a great way to practise the tune with a great backing track. Enjoy!


6 Blue Belt - When the Saints

Uploaded by WCA Lower School Music on 2022-04-14.

Lesson 8: Christmas!!!

This week in recorder club, we had a special Christmas lesson and learning a well known Christmas song. This means that we needed to learn two new notes: C and D! Why not practise at home for some Christmas holiday entertainment! 


Jingle Bells Play-Along

Still image for this video

Lesson 7: Songs using B, A, G:

We are so confident with the notes B, A and G now that we are working on a selection of songs using just those notes. We even played in a special performance in assembly to show everyone our amazing recorder skills! Have fun practising at home!

Lesson 6:  We practised a special song we plan to perform in assembly for the other children! Very exciting! We also started working on putting 'B' 'A' and 'G' with the song below.


Lesson 5:  Recap of songs learned so far. Performances in groups. Practising 'G'.


This week, recap all we've learned so far and work on 'G'. The song below is a great way to practise 'G' as an echo. 

Get Down G

Lesson 4: We've been continuing to perfect our 'A's and 'B's by practising different, simple songs. Today we also found out about the note 'G' (see below). Why not practise your 'G's along with the video? Enjoy!


Lesson 3:  Combining B and A. We worked on practising going between the note A and B. The song below is a great, if not a little annoying, way to practise this! 

Lesson 2: Reminders about how to hold the recorder and blow to create a nice sound. Introducing the note 'A'


This picture shows you how to make the note 'A' on the recorder:



Have fun practising 'A' with the 'A' rap below.. 

The 'A' rap...

Still image for this video

Now you've learned both 'B' and 'A', see if you can try the song below... remember where the notes sit:


Lesson 1: Holding the recorder, holding and blowing, the note 'B'.


Watch the video below for top tips on how to blow to create a nice sound with the recorder.

Getting a good sound on the recorder...

Still image for this video

This is how to play the note 'B'...


Recorder Play Along: Playing the B Note!

Enjot this fun recorder play-along to help with playing the B note on the recorder.