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Science @ Bridgetown

Welcome to the 'Science' page !


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Miss Woodcock hopes that it will help to keep you informed about what we are getting up to in Science at Bridgetown .


Have you seen our new display around the school? It's focusing on seasonal changes and why the seasons change. Something that we've certainly noticed in recent weeks! Make sure you look out for it on your next walk around the school.



Keep checking in as new information will be added regularly to let you know about events and activities .

At Bridgetown we aim to provide opportunities for the children to develop their understanding of the world around them and an awareness of how science directly relates to their everyday life. We encourage the children to adopt a spirit of enquiry through a variety of  carefully planned activities ,including investigations, in order to promote their ability to think scientifically and to extend their use of scientific vocabulary.


On the 'Curriculum' page you can find the National curriculum which gives further information about the curriculum for Science in KS1 and 2. We cover National curriculum objectives including Scientific enquiry, Life processes and living things , Materials and their properties and Physical processes e.g electricity ,forces, light and sound and the earth and beyond.

In Foundation stage Science is taught as part of Knowledge and understanding of the world.

As far as we possibly can learning links are made with other subjects in our year group topics but some units of work will be taught discretely.

Snap Science


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Since the introduction of the new National curriculum we have invested in the Snap Science  scheme which offers us the best differentiated planning available , including high quality online resources such as video clips and whiteboard activities. 

 Below is an example of the planning overviews


A year of Science at Bridgetown ( Subject to change !)

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