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Week Beginning 15.6.20

This week I have been…

Sewing face masks. I haven’t really been out of our village much since lockdown, other than to go into school or food shopping. However as more and more shops are opening and places are getting busier, I thought I should make some face coverings. I have only made some for my daughter so far as my son refuses to wear toy story ones (understandable given that he is nearly a teenager). I’m not sure I will wear one all the time when I’m out, but if we need to go on public transport or somewhere which looks busy, I will put one on.

Bird feeder update

This week I have had a family of blue tits on my bird feeder, a mum and 4 very cute babies. We also had a sparrow too, so word is obviously getting around the bird community that the Luckhurst bird feeder is the place to be! Percy pigeon and Sid the squirrel still visit every morning. Sid waits on the fence until Percy has finished attacking the feeder, then he has a turn!

This week I have been ...

designing and decorating my spare room. This is one of the last rooms to sort in my house, most of the other rooms feel homely and have a 'Miss Harris' touch to them. So, as the weather has been very wet this week I decided to buy a few decorative items to make it look and feel more like a bedroom, instead of a place to keep everything stored. This took a lot of sorting and organising but I got there in the end. I am extremely happy with how it has turned out and I am sure I will be adding lots more to it in the next few days/weeks. 

Miss Harris