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Week Beginning 8.6.20

This week I have been...

making mosaics. It was quite a dull and windy weekend so my family decided to stay inside and do something crafty. I like making things and haven’t tried mosaics before. A lady in our village runs workshops and makes kits, so we bought a heart, a fish and a bee. It was good fun trying to sort through the tiles and decide on designs. I’m not sure about the finished results – they look a bit random for me. I like things to look perfect / symmetrical / organised, but I don’t think that is the point of mosaics! However we enjoyed trying something new.

Bird feeder update:

 Last week I posted about my bird feeder and how it was only really attracting pigeons. We decided to move it near a fence to attract more birds. Well it certainly attracted a new visitor but not of the feathered variety! A very crafty squirrel has visited a few times now (much to Mr Luckhurst’s annoyance). I quite like squirrels but I don’t think our rabbit, Flossy, knew what to make of it.

Mrs Luckhurst

This week I have been ... 

walking. I have discovered lots of new paths and tracks to follow this week and I have seen some wonderful things on the way. On my first walk, I saw a deer hidden within the overgrown grass, it was stood extremely still until I passed and then it disappeared without me even seeing. They are very clever animals! On my second walk, I came across some beautiful Shetland ponies, they were very calm and even let me gently touch their manes. On my final walk this week, my brother and sister joined me. We collected twigs that had fallen from the trees on our way and tried to create lots of different shapes and words with them. We even managed to create the words 'Miss Harris'. This week I have truly made the most of the cooler weather and enjoyed discovering new places.