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Bluebirds v Woodpeckers

Monday 27th April- Friday 1st May



Although the competition seed planting day has passed it is still not to late to join in if you would like to:

BBC Bitesized is a fast moving, fun programme which is great for revision and catching new bits of information. Mr Green wink

(This is an optional extra.)

A Message From Mr Green


The Key Stage Two team and I all hope that you took some time to relax and just enjoy being over the Easter break,  although being together so much can also pose its own challenges too!


As we return to home learning this week some of you may be feeling a little overwhelmed again by the thought of educating your children. We would feel exactly the same if we were asked to do any of your jobs at the drop of a hat, with little time to train or prepare. Do not worry, it looks like we will be spending several more weeks at home and the learning posted on our website is not intended as a challenge for you to complete as we would at school but as a range of activities for you and your children to dip into over time.  We don't expect you to print everything off and have a record of work on the work sheets provided and we have tried to increase the number of open ended practical activities that can be completed away from a computer.


Make sure that you have fun exercising, and enjoying the magnificence of spring as it unfurls around us!


We will continue to update the website over time and should you have any questions or concerns please email your year group teachers who will be pleased to help.


Stay safe everyone!


Mr Green

Timetable Week One


Our topic this half term is Roots and Shoots and in the next few weeks we will be using the book The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett as the focus of our English work. We will be exploring plants and gardens, using powers of description, and thinking about the healing power of nature and how it is crucial to our wellbeing.

We will be providing extracts of the book for particular lessons, but if you would like to start reading the full version or listening to an audio version, there are links below. Before you start though, a word of warning… the story starts in India amidst a cholera outbreak, which leaves the main character, a young girl Mary, an orphan. Obviously, under the situation we all find ourselves in now, this may cause anxiety to some children. We suggest reading the first paragraph, which introduces Mary, and then skip to Chapter 2. The main fact that readers need to know is that Mary finds herself being sent away from home, first to a family in India and then to her uncle’s home in England. 

Online version of original text:

Audio version available here:


Activity 1.

Garden vocabulary finder.


Activity 2.

Using verbs to describe what is happening in a garden.


Activity 3.

Using adjectives and adverbs to describe a garden.




This week in maths we are using the White Rose Scheme which the children will be used to using in school. The main theme is recognising tenths and hundredths and understanding these as decimals in a place value grid. If your child is finding this a challenge it is good to relate the idea to a know concept such as money  for example £2.54 where we have two whole pounds 5 tenths and 4 hundredths.


Watch the videos and then attempt the set tasks on Monday, Wednesday and Friday (answers are provided for your convenience).


On Tuesday and Thursday we would like everyone to work online on the Mathletics and TT Rockstar challenges we have set. This week we have set Rockstars to focus on the 7, 8 and 9 times tables only.


Should you need some extra things to do there are some optional problem solving activities below.


You could also play this fun game!


Fizz Buzz

Players sit in a circle or around a table.

One player starts counting by shouting "To my left, 1" and the player to the left shouts 2, etc. Keep going until you come up with a multiple of 5 or a number with a 5 in it, or a multiple of 9 or a number with a 9 in it.

When multiple of 5 or a number with a 5 in it comes up, you must shout "Fizz" instead of the number, and reverse the counting direction.

When multiple of 9 or a number with a 9 in it comes up, you must shout "Buzz" instead of the number, and reverse the counting direction.

If you make a mistake you loose a life, and the counting continues, from that person. You have 3 lives each.

For example, 1,2,3,4, Fizz (reverse), 5,6,8, Buzz (reverse), and so on, until you have a winner.


(You could add the rule of shouting Fizz Buzz and standing up if a number is a multiple of both 5 and 9!)

See how far you can go without driving everyone mad!

You can vary this game by asking people to Jump one player on the word Fizz, not reverse direction.




White Rose Link for Maths Videos



If this doesn't work White Rose Videos can also be accessed here: 

Lesson 1 :23rd March

Lesson 2: 24th March

Lesson 3: 25th March




In science this half term we will be learning about plants, it is a great time to do this a the natural world is literally unfurling around us! This week we will be looking at the role of leaves in the life of a plant. We realise that not everyone is a biologist so please have a read through the notes for parents and carers below and then enjoy investigating with your children!

Science: Optional Extras

Design Technology Learning


This week we would like you to use the leaves you have been investigating and writing about to create some food for your family! If you chose to go foraging, do take care to wear protective clothing when picking nettles as you don't want a nasty sting! As soon as the nettles are heated the stinging action is removed. Dandelion sap may turn your skin brown temporarily but it will not hurt you. Either can be replaced with cabbage or spinach! 


Happy Cooking!

Design Technology Learning