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School Council

Welcome to Our School Council

School Council 23-24

Our school council representatives for 2023-2024:

  • Ollie Mansfield
  • Fabiola Gonzalez - Sanchez 
  • Anton Rangelov
  • Daisy Hutton
  • Charlotte Zoffoli
  • Milo Lamb 
  • Daniel Finning 
  • Florence Burg

School Council 22-23


Our school council representatives  for 2022-23 are:


  • Tilly Fairfield
  • Ollie Hollis
  • Seb Hill
  • Rhys Allan 
  • Emily Coxon
  • Nayaan Dhaliwal 
  • Edith Dunn-Winder
  • Dexter Lilly

School Council 21-22

Welcome to our school council


Our school council representatives for 2021-2022 are:


  • Archie Dickinson 
  • Harris Gurdag
  • Jason Clements
  • Piers Knight
  • Sophie Perrier
  • Oliver Kirkham
  • Jack Rossiter 
  • Hattie Jamieson 

The Queen's Jubilee 

The school councillors worked extremely hard to design and decorate a crown to celebrate the Queens Platinum Jubilee for Holy Trinity Church. Each member was responsible for different parts of the design and they took great care in drawing this out and then painting it. Some of the school councillors then took part in the church service to present their crown to the Mayor.

Fundraising for Charity

The school council have had some brilliant ideas for fundraising this year. They have organised: Pyjama Day for Children in Need, Funky Hair Day for Comic Relief and Teachers as School Children to help fundraise for Warwick Hospital's Children unit. See some pictures of the fundraising days below:


Red Nose Day



Children in Need

All about the School Council

What is the School Council?

  • An inclusive, structured, meeting time for discussion and decision-making
  • A means for children to raise issues and concerns
  • A means to consult all pupils


Why have a School Council?

  • To help children develop responsible attitudes
  • To give children hands-on experience of issues in the National Curriculum, including PHSE and Citizenship
  • To create a feeling of belonging, encourage listening to others and develop self-confidence.
  • To improve pupil/teacher relationships
  • To help create fundraising raising ideas and exciting days in school


How does the School Council work?

  • The Council operates as a cooperative, supported by a teacher
  • Children are encouraged to listen to each other, respond to questions and share their ideas with the group


How often does the School Council meet?

  • Usually once a month for 30-40 minutes


How do we find out what happened?

  • We will keep our school community informed about any important outcomes of school council meetings, decisions made and actions taken