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Week Beginning 25.5.20

This week I have been...

cleaning and playing games. I'm sure cleaning sounds like the most boring thing you could think of to do, but this week I have been really glad to be able to tackle lots of jobs which had been building up over the past half term. With all of my family at home all day, every day, my house is sometimes more untidy than I would like it to be. So this week I hoovered, moped, scrubbed, wiped and rinsed until everything was clean and tidy again -  it stayed that way for about a day! 

I have also been playing games with my children, my two favorites are Rummikub and Quirkle. The games are made up of tiles; the idea of both is to make matching sets. They can be played with 2-4 players and I like them because they make you think and consider strategies.  I have also been playing Fortnite Monopoly with my son. I do not recommend this game! It is nothing like Monopoly and the rules are very complicated, unfortunately my son loves it. I'd love to hear about any games you really recommend (preferably not Fortnite based!!)

Mrs Luckhurst

This week I have been …

enjoying the sunshine! I have spent lots of time outdoors, in my garden and taking Reggie for short walks. He is getting used to his lead and is no longer trying to bite it off which is good! He is really enjoying exploring the world outside of the garden, he sniffs every bush, lamppost and stone on the ground! It is a lot more interesting than the garden. He has also been learning to play ‘football’. However, he is not very good at passing and he tends to keep the ball to himself. I think a little bit more practise is needed.

I have also been trying to get into an exercise routine at home. It is really important at a time like this we continue to keep ourselves happy and healthy and exercise is a great way to ensure this. I feel so much better after doing it and it is definitely a good way to pass some time. I hope you have all had chance to do some exercise whether that is a daily walk (maybe with your dog), Joe Wicks PE or our Athletics and Gymnastics activities. 

Miss Harris