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Here is the link to our most recent OFSTEd report (September 2022) in which the school is rated 'Good' across all areas.



OFSTEd report September 2022 and covering letter

Warwickshire English Hub 


"The standard of the phonics lessons observed in Reception and Year 1 were of a good standard.  All the staff follow the Little Wandle lesson structure and maintain the pace of the children to maintain their engagement. The Little Wandle SSP programme is being taught with fidelity and there continues to be improvements with consistency with delivering daily SSP lessons.  


The class teachers in Reception and Year 1 are all proactive with wanting to develop their practice and regularly work with the Reading Lead. Feedback is always acted upon, and it is evident that the confidence of the staff is growing with delivering the specific activities in the SSP programme."


(Suzanne Beech, English Specialist)

November 2023