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Week Beginning 1.6.20

This week I have been...

bird watching. Unfortunately I haven't seen many birds in my garden, I think it is because my garden needs a bit of work. It is just a large area of lawn with no trees or bushes. This summer we are hoping to do lots of work on it.

I do have a bird feeder to try and encourage birds and often have a blue tit feeding from it. I was quite excited earlier in the week as the bird feed seemed to be disappearing at a rapid rate. I thought it might be lots of early morning birds visiting the feeder before I got up. However when I woke up very early one morning and looked at the feeder I realised it wasn't being visited by lots of birds - just one. A very greedy pigeon! It was far too large to perch on the feeder, so cleverly kept flying at it, which shook lots of the seeds on the floor. It then spent a lot of time pecking up all the seeds from the floor. I think I might move the feeder nearer my fence to try and encourage birds who rest on it to hop over. Do you have many birds in your garden? I'd love to hear about them.

Mrs Luckhurst

This week I have been ...

colouring! I have been in school quite a bit this week teaching the key worker children and therefore I haven't had much time to do anything extremely exciting outside of school, especially as the weather hasn't been very nice either. However, I have bought a new mindfulness colouring book which I have been trying to do on an evening before I go to bed. It really helps me to switch off and clear my mind before I fall asleep. I know lots of you enjoy colouring and drawing and this is probably because it helps you to switch off for 5 minutes and just focus on the task. My first colouring this week was a deer, it was so nice to create such a colourful piece from what was initially just different shapes on a page.  

I also introduced Reggie to my family dog, Ava, who is now a fully grown Labrador Retriever. They got on really well and were very playful in the garden. I definitely think they will be friends for life. Look at the size difference! I will soon have an 'Ava sized' Reggie.

Miss Harris