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This week and next week we will be using a non-fiction text Life on the English Waterways (included here as a pdf but also on the website as the basis of our writing. There will be a variety of writing styles and activities to complete including finding non-fiction features, writing a letter, a conversation, and a diary. Please share the Year 4 Writing Mats with your child. Most children will be using the middle version - Expected Year 4. This highlights the grammar and spelling that we have focused on in Year 4 and they should be trying to include in all their writing tasks. 

Spellings this week are more ous words, but this time highlighting what happens at the end of the 'root' word, eg the root word fury becomes furious - the y changes to i; humour changes to humorous - our changes to or. There is a great powerpoint to use to support this.  




This week you will be learning about interpreting charts and graphs which show information or data. You will also start interpreting line graphs which is a new skill! Don't forget to complete your Mathletics and Rockstar activities too!

Maths Lesson Videos



There are two parts to this lesson lesson. In part one you will investigate factors that affect how fast fabric dries and learn the term evaporation. By the end of this lesson you will have collected data and recorded it in a table which links in with your maths this week. In the second part we ask you to draw conclusions from your data. 

This lesson will need to be split across the day to allow time for the materials to dry.


What is happening in each picture and why?



This week in geography we would like you to investigate what happens to the water that comes out of your tap for you to drink and use around your home. What happens before it gets to your home and how is it sorted out once you have added the waste contents of your body and other assorted chemicals to it before it re enters the river!


We would like you to draw and label a cycle which shows what happened to a droplet of water from leaving the river to returning to it. To help you do this you need to watch the video link below where Molly explains where water comes from. There is a really excellent second video where you will learn all about POO POWER!




Essential Lesson Video:

Sewer Soup!


Here is an optional extra which some of you may enjoy following that video!


PE Chance to Shine Cricket

We are now onto Week 3 of our cricket coaching, Super Striker. Please click on the following website to access this week's video and lesson notes.