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Easter Reading Challenge - Mr Lether's Top 5 early chapter books

Have a look at my top 5 early chapter books. Then can you have a go at these two challenges?

1) What are you top 5 reading books?
2) Can you have a go at reading someone else's top 5 books?

Top 5 Picture books

You might also want to have a look at a top 5 picture books video a Year 2 teacher made.

Friday 3rd April


Happy Easter Year 2! Well done, you have achieved two weeks of home learning. Remember, as long as you've tried your best, we will be smiling! It's not been easy to transition into this new style of learning, but know that we are all proud of how well you are managing. Remember that today would be our last day of school before the Easter holidays, so if your brain is feeling tired today, that is very normal.

Here are today's conversation starters: 


1. How can you tell how people are feeling? 

2. What would you do if all the stars fell out of the sky? 


The answer to yesterday's English task is: 

Do you prefer orange juice or apple juice?


Please find attached here some ideas for activities to do you in your homes during the Easter holidays. After a 'virtual meeting' as an EYFS and KS1 Team, Mrs Bes-Jeary has also collated some fantastic ideas which she has kindly shared with us too. How cute is the pom pom bunny! Look out for the Easter egg hunt that you can do together too (see below).


The Year 2 Team would like to wish our classes a happy, healthy, relaxing Easter break. Remember to be kind to yourselves and the people in your home. Why not try and do something kind for your grown-up today? You could offer to wash up, tidy your bedroom, or even just tell them something you like about them! 


We'll be back here on Monday 20th April with more information about Home Learning after the Easter break. 


Best wishes,


The Year 2 Team

Thursday 2nd April


Good morning all, the weather is looking a little brighter than yesterday which is nice. Do remember that if we were at school, this would be the penultimate day of the Spring Term. You (and your parents) may be feeling a little tired today, so remember to just do what you can. 


Here is an English task for you to have a go at: 

Tick/say the correct word to complete the sentence below.

Do you prefer orange juice___________________ apple juice?






The answers to the maths question yesterday are:

67 , 57 , 47 , 37 , 27 , 17 


Well done to those who have managed to log in to Mathletics. We can see many of our Kingfishers and Swallows have logged on and completed the assigned task. Look out for the next one today, due in on Tuesday. 


Well done to all our Year 2s who have been taking part in Mrs Warren's art challenge! It's been lovely to see so many of you getting involved and enjoying getting arty!


Lastly, a final reminder to email us at to check we have the correct email contact for you. We will be using this to communicate work after Easter, so it's important we have the correct contact details. Just a short hello will suffice! Thanks to all the parents who have already done so. 


We'll be back tomorrow with two 'conversation starters' as well as some ideas for fun activities over the Easter holidays. 


Take care, 


Year 2 Team. 


Wednesday 1st April


I realised we have forgotten to post the answers to yesterday's English challenge! Here they are: 

Choose three words which should have a capital letter in the sentences below.

it is a hot day. sally and tom are eating ice cream.


It, Sally and Tom should all have capital letters! 


Google Animal Photos


Our attention has also been drawn to this humorous new technology. On an iPhone or android phone, type an animal name into google then press 'View in 3D' in the search results. It brings up your camera and then seconds later, you have an animal in your house! You can take a photo with the animal and walk around with it! Animals that work include a lion, tiger, cheetah, shark, hedgehog, duck, penguin, eagle, brown bear, cat, pug, horse, alligator... and more! 


Thanks to Jacob from Swallows for the brilliant idea and excellent photograph with a cheetah! 


Perhaps these photos could inspire some creative writing? Please keep sharing your fantastic home learning ideas! 


Year 2 Team

Wednesday 1st April


Happy April Year 2! It will certainly be a different sort of month, but look how well you've all done already with learning from home. We know we can manage April too! 


Today's Maths challenge is here: 


Can you invent any other sequences for an adult or sibling to complete? Can you mark their work to check they are correct? If they made any mistakes, can you teach them how to find the right number? 


Don't forget to check out Mathletics today too. An update was posted yesterday on this web page, so scroll down to find out more. 


Mrs Warren's art challenge today is about birds. I think I might draw a swallow or a kingfisher!


Thank you to all the parents who have used to check in and let us know you're ok. If you haven't already, please could you email this address so that we know your safe and that we've got the correct contact details for you. We will likely be using email after Easter to communicate home learning. 


We'll be back tomorrow with an English challenge! 


Year 2 Team 

Tuesday 31st March


How are your sunflower seeds looking? Mine have suddenly come out over the last couple of days! It's so pleasing to see their shoots. The tallest one is 6cm today. 


Well done to Benji from Swallows who is comparing a seed he planted outside to a seed he planted inside. His inside seed is already 4cm tall! Excellent measuring skills being used! 


Hope all our families in Year 2 are well, 


Mrs Bowen 


Sunflower Seeds

Mathletics update


It's been great to see so many of you enjoying the Mathletics website at home. Feedback so far seems to be really positive. 


If you haven't already logged on, the website is here


In your home learning packs you were given a username and password to access these maths resources from home. 


We will be assigning a challenge every Tuesday at 9am, due on Thursday at 9am. We will then assign a task to start on Thursday at 9am, due in on Tuesday at 9am. As teachers, we can see who has managed to attempt the challenges and how individuals have got on, a really useful tool to help us stay in touch with your child's learning. 


If you are having difficulty logging on, please use the Year 2 email at the top of this page to contact us. 


Enjoy Mathletics! 


Year 2 Team

Tuesday 31st March


Good morning Year 2! Here is your English challenge for today:

Choose three words which should have a capital letter in the sentences below.

it is a hot day. sally and tom are eating ice cream.


Did you manage to complete yesterday's maths challenge? Here are the answers, well done if you got them right! 

Shape answers

Thank you to Lilli-Mai in Swallows who also managed to find examples of these shapes around her house! I particularly liked the pyramid teabag!

We really enjoy seeing your photographs; do keep sending in pictures of your home learning, it's great to see how well you are getting on with learning at home. 



Monday 30th March


Good morning Year 2! We hope you all had restful weekends and that your grown-ups were able to have a rest too. It was lovely to have a lighter evening last night after the clocks went back. 


Last Friday we posted two questions. We think someone is a good listener if they look at the person who is talking, they think about what the other person is saying and they show they care through the questions they ask. Did you try role playing this at home? Sometimes, modelling a good listener and a not so good listener can be quite powerful!

As for meeting an alien... Mrs Bowen would share a packet of sweets with him and ask him about his home planet! We would love to hear your answers soon! 


Here is a Maths challenge for today:  

Perhaps you could see if you can find any of these 3D shapes in your house when you have finished? Eg. tin of beans, dice etc. 


Check back tomorrow for the answers! 

Friday Talking Time 27th March


Happy Friday Swallows and Kingfishers! We hope you have managed to settle in to a little routine this week. It's certainly been strange not seeing you everyday. If you've only managed a little of your work, we would say that's a good start. If you've been enjoying the sunshine, then that's brilliant too! 


Each Friday, we'll post two talking questions for a bit of PSHE. Here are today's questions: 


1. What makes someone a good listener?


2. What would you do if you met an alien? 


I'm sure these will spark some interesting conversations! I'll post an answer on Monday. 


Yesterday's English question was to add the correct punctuation. You would need a question mark to complete the sentence. 


Enjoy your weekends, and check back here on Monday for your daily Monday Maths Challenge! 


Until then, stay well. We miss you! 


Year 2 Team. 


Bridgetown Art Challenge


Mrs Warren has set up an Instagram page for Bridgetown's artists! She is posting a daily prompt to help us get creative during this time. Yesterday, the prompt was leaf. I painted rainbows using water colour around leaves I found in the garden! I later filled in the leaves with black pen. 


Today's challenge is water - can you make some art inspired by water? Check with an adult to see if you can look at the Instagram page too. You might see your own work posted there!


Mrs Bowen 


Leaf Art

Thursday English Challenge 26th March


What's a pirate's favourite country? AAARRRGHentina! We certainly are missing our pirate topic! Perhaps you could look up Argentina on a map today. Do you know any pirate jokes?


Today's English challenge is below: 

  1. Q – Circle the correct punctuation mark to complete the sentence.

Where do you live

full stop

question mark 

exclamation mark 


Did you have a go at yesterday's Maths challenge? Here are the answers: 

24 + 17 = 41

41 - 24 = 17 


Well done if you got it right!


Tomorrow we'll be posting two talking questions, one about friendships and one silly question too!


Have a great day in the sunshine. 


Mrs Bowen, Mrs Bishop and Mrs Smith 

Wednesday Maths Challenge 25th March


Good morning Year 2! What beautiful weather we have woken up to again this morning. I do hope you've been able to get some fresh air outside in the garden or for a walk around town. 


Today's Maths challenge is below: 

Maths Challenge 25.03.20


Here some possible answers to yesterday's English task: 

Sally is reading, finding, holding, carrying, buying a book. 

It's important here to not use a verb in the past tense, eg. read, found, held, carried, bought. 


Year 5 have posted an exciting 30 day Lego challenge on their home learning page - if you like Lego, take a look! 


Mrs Warren is also holding a 30 day art challenge on the Bridgetown Art Instagram page! 

Today's prompt is 'Leaf'. I'll post my response tomorrow! 


Keep smiling Year 2, we miss you! 

Tuesday English Challenge 24th March


Good morning Swallows and Kingfishers! Here is your English challenge for today: 


Write/say one word on the line to complete the sentence in the present tense.


Sally is_________________________ a book.


Suggested answers to be revealed tomorrow! How creative can you get? 



Did you have a go at yesterday's Maths challenge? 

The odd numbers are 13, 87, 91 and 55. 

Odd numbers always end in 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 and are not in the 2x table. 


Sending our best to families following yesterday's message. 


Mrs Bowen, Mrs Smith and Mrs Bishop


Monday Maths Challenge 23rd March


Every Monday and Wednesday, we will post a daily maths challenge, with answers posted the next day. 


Here is today's maths challenge!


Monday 23rd March


What beautiful sunshine we had this weekend! I spent my afternoon yesterday planting sunflower seeds. First, I put some compost in the pot. Then I added 2 sunflower seeds. Finally, I covered the seeds with more compost and added a little water. I've placed them on a windowsill so they get plenty of sunlight. 


Have you planted your seeds yet? If so, could you keep a diary of how they are doing? You could use my example above to help you! 


Sunflower Seeds Day 1

Thursday 19th March 


Hello Swallows and Kingfishers! We hope you find our learning packs useful at home. You can expect to see a short daily challenge here, starting from Monday 23rd March with answers posted the next day.


We want to emphasize that whilst the home learning packs provide some ideas and resources, we do recognise that this could provide a valuable opportunity to spend time together as a family. Puzzles, board-games, card games, den-building, cooking, painting, lego, looking at old photos, family history, looking at maps are all valuable activities to be doing on the days when things are difficult. 


Here is a link to Cosmic Kids Yoga -

The children have practiced this a little at school and have seemed to enjoy the fun stories, told through yoga stretches. 


In your packs, you will find two sunflower seeds to plant at home. Mrs Bowen is also hoping to plant a sunflower too - I'll post some photos of how I'm getting on! Perhaps you can compare my photos to your flower at home. 


Sending all our families our very best at these unprecedented times. 


The Year 2 team