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Timetable for this week


This week we have a 'stand alone' English unit based on the graphic novel by Shaun Tan, Eric. The grammar work that sits alongside this is on pronouns and determiners - as always there are sheets and a powerpoint to support this. The spellings this week are more -ous words.


Optional Rivers Crossword


This week you will be counting, ordering and estimating money amounts in pounds and pence.

Remember when representing money amounts you can either use the pound symbol- £2.56 or pence 256p NEVER use both together  £2.56p !


It is also important when completing calculations that all of your decimal pints line up:








Maths Learning Activities


In this lesson your child will explore the properties of air. By the end of this lesson they will know that gases are materials with substance and weight.

Mr Green's Challenge.mp4

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PE - Chance to Shine Cricket Coaching

RE 'Water in Religion'

We are looking at the significance of water in religion this week, to link in with our exciting Splash!’ topic. 


First of all this week we would like you to identify the main rivers of the British Isles. You can use an atlas or the excellent Woodlands Primary School website to help you locate and label the rivers correctly on the map.

Learning activity: Rivers of the UK

Next we would like you to find out all about a river either in the UK or abroad. (If you want to make it easier for yourselves we would recommend the Rivers Severn or Thames as these feature in  the Woodlands Website.)


We would like you to find out the following things about your chosen river and then to present your information as a report:


  • The name of the river
  • Where it can be found
  • The source of the river
  • the length of the river
  • Its main tributaries
  • Its main bridging points
  • What humans use the river for
  • Any interesting wildlife facts
  • Which are the main settlements (towns/cities) on the river and information about these
  • Historical Facts
  • Where does the river enter the sea or ocean and into which sea does it flow?


You might want to add pictures and maps annotated with tables and captions to make your work extra interesting. We look forward to hearing about your information when we are back in school!


When you have finished this you might like to relax and watch this film with your family. 

Optional Nature Spotting

When you are out and about near a river you might like to take these hand spotting charts to see if you can identify the wildlife living around our rivers, canals and lakes.