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Your Final Week at Bridgetown!


Your Final Week at Bridgetown Primary School


Our timetable for this week is of course very different. It is your final week as a pupil at Bridgetown and therefore your tasks are based on your time here and your transition to high school. Each day has one main task to complete. We have only set one task per day so that you can really think about and reflect upon them, so please take your time on each task, presenting them nicely, making them memorable. You might want to present everything in a scrap book or another keepsake. Enjoy this week.




In preparation for Friday’s assembly, please can you all write a memory about your time in Bridgetown? Write it up in neat with your BEST EVER handwriting on a nice piece of paper or card and then decorate this with pictures/boarders/however you feel appropriate. Send us a photograph of your completed memory so that we can make a lovely huge collage of them all.


If you would like to read your memory in the assembly then, as well as your neat version, please can you type up your memory in an email to so that we can group you and set a schedule for the assembly? You don’t all have to read it out, but please can you all write one.




Re-watch the Road Safety videos from last week’s school day (these are available below).


Can you plan your journey to high school? Think about:

  • Your main method of transport and a back-up method
  • Who you will go to school with
  • Draw and plot map of your journey (is there an alternate route in case of unforeseen change e.g. roadworks)
  • What would go in your backpack?
  • Your plans for days when you go to a club or do something with friends after school.

Present your plan creatively. For example, a large poster, a Powerpoint or any other way!




Think about your journey from primary to secondary school, imagine this as a boat that is sailing from the river to the sea.  Create a boat that takes you on this journey - you can either just draw it, collage or create an actual model that takes you there - see this idea.


1) Make a little boat that shows different things about you. Here are some ideas to go about it: 


  • Draw, paint or cut & paste bits from magazines/newspapers onto paper/flat surface. 
  • Collect and combine different recycled materials (water resistant if you want your boat to float. Glue and Sellotape will loosen in water, so tie with string instead).


2) Create a background of a river flowing to the sea. Primary school memories can be drawn or written around your river. Any hopes and thoughts about secondary school can be added to your sea. Your boat and background can be on the same page or separate ones. Float your boat on water if possible! 


3) Now add any words, images, or small trinkets to your boat that would be helpful on your journey to secondary school.




1) Think of somebody during your time a Bridgetown who has been important to you. This could be a friend, a teacher, your Special Friend when you were in Reception or anybody else. Can you answer the following questions?


  • Who is your person of choice?
  • Why did you choose them?
  • What impact did they have on you?


2) Finally, can you think about yourself as a role-model in Year 6. Who do you think you had an impact on and why have you had this impact?


Please email if you would like to share anything to do with this task in the Leavers’ 2020 assembly.




Join us for our Leavers’ 2020 Assembly on Zoom:


Topic: Year 6 Leavers’ 2020 Assembly

Time: Jul 17, 2020 10:00 AM London

Join Zoom Meeting: Please find the link for the meeting in the email we sent out last week.

Please email us at if you do not have this email.


We will aim to begin at 10:15 a.m. prompt, so please join between 10:00 and 10:15 a.m. with your tea/coffee and biscuits.

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