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Year 2

Forest School: Collecting Data

 Today, the children used their imagination in forest school, like Jake did in his garden from the story Treasures in the Night Garden. The children found ‘wizard wands’, ‘elf hats’, ‘dragon skulls’ and ‘portals’, and recorded how many of each item they found using a tally. They then used this information to draw a bar chart with chalk on the playground.


Maths Capacity: Making Potions 


Today in class, the children were witches and wizards for the day! The class followed the instructions or their recipe lists to make either an invisibility potion or a fairydust potion. They measured out amounts of frog's breath, dragon's blood, troll bogies, mountain haze, insect slime,  and tear drops of a fairy to make their concoctions! 


After we had made our potions, Mrs Tailby tried some of them - we managed to turn her into a fairy and make everything invisible to her! Unfortunately, one of the potions hadn't been measured accurately, and made Mrs Tailby dance uncontrollably! 



Summer Term 2


Welcome back to our hardworking Year 2s who we hope have had a well deserved rest after a busy Summer Term 1. This half term we will be finishing our Florence Nightingale topic, whilst preparing the children for the exciting new changes as they look to KS2 and Year 3. 


  English Maths Topic
1 Recounts and grammar focus  Measurement: Scales and money Florence Nightingale
2 Traditional Tales 2D and 3D shape
3 Problem solving and investigations 

Eurokitchens: France

5 Writing based on transition days Review and consolidation of concepts taught in Year 2


Spelling lessons


Who knew spelling lessons could produce such a profound quote from a 7 year old! A lovely thought for the day...

Making lanterns


We have been inspired by the work of Florence Nightingale and her contribution to nursing today. We made our own lanterns in art lessons inspired by the Lady with the Lamp. 

Sunflower seeds


We have been observing the changes that have occured over the last few weeks with our seeds. They have been soaking in the wonderful sunshine and have grown rather tall!

Value: Respect

Planting Sunflower Seeds

Summer 1


This half term we have started to look at the famous Lady with the Lamp: Florence Nightingale. The children have used their empathy skills to think about what is might have felt like to be in the hospitals during the Crimean War. 

Please find a copy of our plan for this half term below: 

  Maths  English  Science Topic 
Week 1


Descriptive writing Plant sunflower seeds Florence Nightingale
Week 2 Fractions Exciting writing focus Observe four different seeds
Week 3 Place Value
Week 4


Please click on the attachment to give a summary of key information, provided by the Department for Education, about the forthcoming KS1 SATS.

Pirate Day!

Pirate Portraits

Maths: Weighing objects using scales

The children have been using their knowledge of scales to record how heavy objects around the classroom are. They used grams to record their answers. 

Our Value: Kindness

Our value this half term is kindness. The children have thought about what it means to be kind, why it is so important and just how easy it can be! They were able to choose role models in the class who always demonstrate kindness, thinking about how they can learn from them. 

Pirate Walk

Today the children went on a pirate treasure hunt to find missing items! They really got into character and imagined the island using their senses.

Pirate Writing

Spring 2


The children have certainly been hooked by our Pirate topic this half term! Here's a little insight into what we've been up to...


In English, we have been writing adventure stories, inspired by the book Captain Flinn and the Pirate Dinosaurs. Watch this space for some of the children's work! 



In Maths, we have looked at fractions, time, measurement and position and direction. 



In Topic, we have been bringing the Pirate topic to life through messages in bottles, swag bags and getting into character! 

Spring 1


Happy new year all! The children have returned rested and inspired by their new topic Jurassic Giants! Find out below what we'll be up to this half term: 


Week English Topic Maths Science
1 Warning Story - Peter and the Wolf Continents of the World Statistics: Tally charts and pictograms Grouping Animals
2 Continents and dinosaurs
3 Mary Anning Geometry: Properties of shape Animal Bodies
4 Non Chronological Reports - Dinosaurs
5 What do I eat? 
6 All Things Wild School Trip Measurement: Length and height



Autumn 2


This half term, the Year 2 children are exploring the topic Fires and Festivals! In English we have been looking first at Firework Poetry, and then beginning the journey story On The Way Home


In our topic lessons, we've thought about many festivals around the world that take place at this time of the year. 


Week English Topic Maths Science
1 Poetry 


Money Everyday Materials 
2 Journey Story Gunpowder plot
3 Great Fire of London
4 Multiplication and Division
5 Diary entry - Samuel Peyps  Research Samuel Peyps


Winter Night

Tell me Somebody

Glory to God

Christmas Dinner

Welcome to Year 2


A big welcome from all the staff in Year 2! We've had a great first week, filled with enthusiasm from the children. We know it's going to be an exciting year. 


Autumn 1


We sail straight into our Seaside Rescue topic and are very excited about our visit from the RNLI. The children will prepare their own interview style questions to ask the volunteers. 



In maths we look at place value and ordering numbers and at the different ways we can add and subtract, such as jumping on the number line, using a number square and column addition. 


Here are a couple of games to help develop your understanding of place value... place the penguins and lifeguards!









In science this term, building on our learning in year one, we are looking at our different body parts and their functions as well as identifying and grouping things that are alive, dead or have never been alive.


We shall continue to use ‘Talk 4 Writing’ to improve our writing, reading and oral story telling skills. Ask your child if they can tell you the story of The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch…