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Year 6

Summer Term

KS2 Assessment Tests - SATs

13th - 16th May

Please find below the parent Information Briefing on SATs that you child will be taking part in between 13th - 16th May.  There will be a reminder letter coming to you shortly that gives a few reminders and a timetable of which tests take place on which days.  These details can also be found in the Powerpoint

Any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch via the school office

Mrs Swanwick and Mrs Milward

SATs 2024 Parent Information Briefing

Year 6 Residential to Arete Outdoor Education Centre

18th March to 22nd March

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend our information evening on Wednesday 24th January.  If you were unable to attend or wish to check in again, please use the Powerpoint below. The Pupil form needs to be completed by Friday 9th February so please use the QR code to access the link to complete the form.


Many thanks,

Mrs Swanwick and Mrs Milward





Arete information and parent briefing powerpoint presentation

Autumn Term 2

This half term is as busy as last half term.  The focus for our topic and English is all based on War Horse by Michael Morpurgo.  The story is about the bond between a young boy named Albert and his horse, Joey, who is sold to the cavalry during World War I. In addition to this we are learning all about Electricity in our Science topic and linking this into our DT project - Creating a nightlight for a child's bedroom which will combine our design and making skills to the knowledge we have on circuits and switches. 



Our focus fiction text for this half term is ' War Horse' by Michael Morpurgo.  This modern fiction text is a great starting point for Year 6 to explore World War I through the eyes of the main character, a horse called Joey.   The main focus of writing will be looking at how we can effectively use flashbacks into a narrative, comparing the differences in settings, characters and and their actions and emotions in different scenarios.  We will also use the animation, 'The Piano' by  Aidan Gibbons to support this.  We will also write a World War I diary from the perspective of a soldier in the trenches as well as looking at some World War I Poetry.  In Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling we will focus on verb forms, synonyms and antonyms and the active and passive voice.  

Non-fiction writing will be linked to the propaganda posters of WWI, encouraging men around the country to sign up and fight for the good of their country. 

A day out in London

On Monday 9th October, we had an amazing day in London.  The weather shone down on us and we started the day with a beautiful boat trip on the River Thames from Westminster Pier to Tower Pier and back.  We say lots of sights and enjoyed seeing them all in the glorious sunshine.  In the afternoon, we had a tour of the Houses of Parliament.  As it was the conference season, the MPs were all at their party conference of working in their constituencies which meant that we able to go inside both chambers for the House of Commons and House of Lords.  Unfortunately we weren't able to take photos there but we could when we visited Westminster Hall. This is where many world political leaders have spoken including Nelson Mandela and Barack Obama.  In September 2022, this is where Queen Elizabeth II lay in state following her death and before her funeral.  We also did an afternoon workshop.  We all had an amazing day.

Memories of our day in London

Welcome to Year 6

It is fantastic to welcome you to Year 6.  We know that it is going to be a fantastic year that awaits us.  So many exciting activities and experiences ahead to think about as your child begins there final year at Bridgetown Primary School.  As we start our first value of 'TEAMWORK' it's an opportune moment to introduce you to the team who will be working with your child throughout the year.  

Owls:  Class teacher - Mrs Swanwick and Teaching Assistant - Miss Crow


Eagles: Class teacher - Mrs Milward and Teaching Assistant - Ms Chalk.  Mrs Wheeler and Mrs Leach also work in Eagles throughout the day.


In the afternoons, Miss Crow works across both classes either working with small intervention groups or within the class.  On a Thursday afternoon, Mrs Holt teaches RE and Ms Chalk teaches French across both classes.


We are on the playground at the end of the day if you need a quick word but if you need to speak to either teacher for something specific then please contact us via the school office


Curriculum plan - Autumn 1


Our focus fiction text for this half term is 'Holes' by Louis Sachar.  This modern fiction text is a great starting point for Year 6 to explore descriptions of setting and the different plots and aspects of the story. The main focus of writing will be looking at how effective our writing can be through making precise choices using figurative language and vocabulary.  In Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling we will revisit the use of different clauses within sentences and the different word classes.

Non-fiction writing will be linked to our visit to the Houses of Parliament including a non-chronological report and debating different topics relevant to our different interests, hobbies and life in school.  Within this we will look at formal language structures and using standard English correctly including verb and subject agreements.


The units of work this we will be studying:

Place Value within 10,000,000 that includes ordering, comparing, rounding and negative numbers.

Four Operations (1) that includes formal methods of addition and subtraction, related problem solving, common factors, common multiples, rules of divisibility, primes to 100 and squares and cubes.

Four Operations (2) that includes formal methods of multiplication, short and long methods of division including remainders and division using factors, order of operations (BIDMAS), mental calculation methods and reason from known facts.


Fluent in 5

Each morning we practise 5 arithmetic questions that cover a breadth of questions relating to the topics we are working on this half term.

KIRFS (Key Instant Recall Facts)