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Year 5

Week of Inspirational Maths


During our week of inspirational maths, Year 5 showed good teamwork, resilience and determination. Carefully, they listened to messages about learning in mathematics, particularly how to keep a growth mindset when things get tricky. Synapses have been fired and brains have been growing throughout this week! Well done Year 5! Take a look at some of the challenges they solved this week:

Tempest rehearsals


Rehearsals are in full swing now that our casts have been finalised! The children were so enthusiastic in our first immersion week that we knew they would become a fantastic company of actors. They studied, acted out and empathised with the characters before being given their lines. They have risen to the challenge of learning Shakespearian lines with great ease. Take a look at some pictures from our Tempest Immersion week!


Summer 1   English Maths Topic

Wk 1


Tempest Immersion

Angles The Tempest: Year 5 Production

Wk 2


The Borrowers

Angles The Tempest: Year 5 Production

Wk 3


The Borrowers  Shapes The Tempest: Year 5 Production

Wk 4


The Borrowers  Shapes The Tempest: Year 5 Production

Wk 5


The Tempest Rehearsals Shapes The Tempest: Year 5 Production

Year 5 Volcano Homework Project


Wow! Mrs Element, Miss Knight and the Year 5 team were astounded by the time and effort that went into Year 5's latest homework project. There have been some extremely talented and creative volcanoes created. Some are cleverly labelled diagrams showing a cross section, some explode, some destroy miniature towns, some are edible, and one was created on a barbeque. What more could we ask for! What a talented bunch you are. Take a look for yourself!


Our new topic for this term is Volcanoes! It's sure to be an exciting one! Take a look at what we are up to this half term:


Spring 2   English Maths Science Topic
Wk 1 Non-fiction texts - Volcanoes   Decimals  Materials - comparing properties  Identifying the layers of the Earth
Wk 2

Playscripts - Pompeii

   Percentages   Materials - investigating conductors and insulators  Understanding how volcanoes are formed
Wk 3 Playscripts - Pompeii   Percentages  Materials - dissolving in liquids Identifying volcanoes and fault lines
Wk 4 Playscripts - Pompeii   Percentages  Materials - separating mixtures What is it like to live near a volcano?
Wk 5 Poetry   Reviewing and applying knowledge of fractions, decimals and percentages   Materials - reversible and irreversible changes Using historical sources to investigate Pompeii
Wk 6 Poetry   Reviewing and applying knowledge of fractions, decimals and percentages    -  

Art - Mount Vesuvius

Willingly to School - Year 5 trip to Stratford-upon-Avon


Year 5 had a brilliant time dressing as Tudor school children for the day! In our costume we had a Tudor lesson with a strict school master, where we learnt Latin and how to write with a quill. We were then taken on a fantastic celebratory tour of Stratford with a focus on Shakespeare and his life in the town. Take a look at us in our traditional Tudor costume playing Tudor games and learning more about our town!



As you can see we really did look the part! Many thanks again to the parents who supported this trip - we hope you had a great day too!

Out of this World Writing


Take a look at our fantastic published instruction writing! We have been writing instructions for How to be an Astronaut


Spring 2017


Year 5 have launched into their new topic 'Out of this World!'. They returned after the Christmas holidays to find out that out classrooms had been visited by aliens who had left slime and goo all over the room. Fortunately, Miss Knight, Mrs Element, Mrs Warren and Mrs Hewlett were on hand with protective clothing and gloves to test the suspicious slime. The aliens had left a message asking year 5 to find a new planet for them to live on and the children have very enthusiastically researched the suitability of our solar system for the visitors. We can't to see where our research takes us next! 


Spring 1    English Maths Science Topic
Wk 1 Non-fiction texts - Planet fact files   Fractions   Planets
Wk 2

Science fiction stories

  Fractions  Forces - Water resistance    Earth sun and moon  
Wk 3 Science fiction stories   Fractions  Forces - Friction Day and night
Wk 4 Science fiction stories   Fractions  Moon phases
Wk 5      Instruction writing - How to be an astronaut      Fractions  Seasons and eclipses
Wk 6       Instruction writing - How to be an astronaut       Decimals     Trip to the Leicester Space Centre  
Wk 7      Instruction writing - How to be an astronaut      Decimals  Stars and constellations


Autumn 2016


Our Year 5 students have made a fantastic start by diving into the new school year. Our topic this term is Here There and Everywhere. Year 5 have been studying maps, symbols and coordinates carefully in order to successfully navigate ourselves from school to the Clopton Hills in just a few short weeks! We are really looking forward to our trip and thank parents who have volunteered to join us. Watch this space for photos from our trip. In the meantime, we have been looking at maps of Stratford-upon-Avon to familiarise ourselves with navigational skills.


In Science, we have been investigating the human life cycle. We have even tested the Vitruvian Man by Leonardo da Vinci by measuring our bodies to see if his statements were true. Below are some pictures from our investigations:





In Art, we have chosen Andy Goldsworthy as our inspiration for outdoor art. We studied his clever work closely, discussing the natural materials he uses to create outdoor sculptures. Year 5 were very careful to sketch his artwork, invent their own design for a sculpture, and then took their creativity to the school field. Mrs Element and Miss Knight were astounded and the complex designs the students created! Take a look for yourself!





I think you'll agree we've not only found some budding artists but also discovered some hidden photography talents!


We are excited to see what the rest of the autumn term brings! Watch this space for more Year 5 adventures...

What a wonderful day we've had on the Clopton Hills! The children were absolutely brilliant and we hope they enjoyed the day as much as we did.


It was a real privilege to share the day with Will from Marle Hall. Will (aka Bear Grylls) showed the children how to make a shelter and a fire out in the open fields, which was really exciting. They were even treated to marshmallows which they toasted on the fire! The treat was well needed after the long walk though town to the hills, during which we were met by some overly friendly cows. The children were brilliant to walk through sensibly and quickly, which meant we had lots of time for bush craft and field sketching.


Here are a few of the pictures:



A very big thanks again to Will and all the parent helpers that kindly joined us. Also thank you to the children who were a real pleasure to take out on this wonderful trip.