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Sports Day 2021

Summer Forest School


Today we made Forest School crowns! We looked for interesting pieces of nature in our amazing forest school, and then stuck them onto our crown. We had lots of fun, and we were very proud of our finished result! 

Summer 1


Our topic this half term is Space! We are excited to lift off in our new topic this half term. Please see the document below for an overview of our learning this half term. 


Week PhonicsEnglishMathsTopic 
1Phase 4 Part 1

Whatever Next! Jill Murphy

Talk 4 Writing Unit: 


Read the story, learn a simplified version of the text, vocab check new words, box up the main parts of the story (beginning, middle, end)


Change the main character, change the friend, and what they did on the moon.

Shared write a new version of the text


Children invent their own version of the story (will need to work in small groups or 1:1). Children think of their own character and sentences to write.

Outcome: Children to have recorded their own story.

PowerMaths Unit 11 shape and space, Week 10: 2D shapeWhat do you already know about space? Rocket launches

 Unit 12 Exploring Pattern

Space Art using mixed media 
3PowerMaths Unit 12 Exploring Complex Pattern Space themed small world play
4Phase 4 Part 2

Factual Writing 

Man on the Moon Simon Bartram


True and false sentences.

Descriptive vocabulary.

Children to write simple sentences about planets.

Outcome: Children to have recorded their mini planet book.

PowerMaths Unit 13 Adding by counting onAstronaut movement games
5PowerMaths Unit 13 Taking away by counting backWhat can you see at nighttime? 

Beegu Alexis Deacon

How did Begu feel at different parts of the story?

Do you think Begu will come back to Earth?

Outcome: Children are able to speak about how the character is feeling

PowerMaths Unit 14 Counting to and from 20Aliens! 


Welcome back Reception!


We are delighted to have our Sparrows and Robins back in school. 


Please find a link to our topic overview for Spring 2. 



Autumn 2


This half term in Reception, we are focusing on celebrations! We will be thinking about what we celebrate and how, as well as thinking about how other people celebrate. Please take a look at our upcoming half term in Reception: 

Reception Autumn 2 2020                                                      R Knight and K Holt



Reading & Writing


Topic related activities

Week 1

Bonfire Night

Letters and Sounds

Phase 2

Set 5

h, b, f, ff

Sparks in the Sky Story Stimulus and vocab focus

CVC words for fireworks eg. pop

PowerMaths Unit 3 Comparing groups within 5

Spray chalk fireworks outside

Painting firework pictures

Make a conker run using conkers and tubing

‘Autumn Soup’ in the mud kitchen

Autumn theme home corner

Week 2 & 3



Letters and Sounds

Phase 2

Set 5

l, ll, ss

Rama and Sita

Introduce and read the story

Learn the story using

T4W story map


Create Indian restaurant role play

Make Diva lamps out of quick dry clay

Create a Diwali dance to retell the Rama and Sita story

Create Mehndi hand patterns using fine brush and black paint

Create Rangoli patterns

Rama and Sita puppets

Letters and Sounds

Phase 3

Set 6

j, v, w, x

PowerMaths Unit 4 Change within 5

Week 4 & 5

The Gruffalo and Road Safety

Letters and Sounds

Phase 3

Set 7

y, z, zz, qu

The Gruffalo Julia Donaldson

Talk about nocturnal animals

Owl Babies Martin Waddell?

Role play area – forest

Wanted posters

Gruffalo body parts

Focus on each of the animals and their habitat


Role play area – outdoors transformed into police office

Making roads and paths outside

Making a road safety poster

Use Warwickshire activity resources

Letters and Sounds

Phase 3

Consonant digraphs

ch, sh, th, ng

PowerMaths Unit 5 Time

Week 6 & 7

The Stick Man

Letters and Sounds

Phase 3

Vowel digraphs

ai, ee, igh, oa,

The Stick Man Julia Donaldson


PowerMaths Assessment of Teaching Block A and revisit

Rehearse and perform Christmas production

Think about how Christmas is celebrated by others

Make Christmas gifts to give to others

Create a Christmas shop and post office in role play, wrapping and weighing parcels

Think about the seasons, months of the year, days of the week, and hours of the day

Letters and Sounds

Phase 3

Vowel digraphs

oo, ar, or, ur


Autumn 1


Welcome to our Reception class page! We will post an overview of our learning for each half term, to give you an idea of what our school day looks like. We will also sometimes post exciting photos and snippets of our days here in Sparrows and Robins class. 


Here is an overview for the first Autumn term. 


Week Phonics Reading and Writing Maths Topic related activities 
1 (Transition visits)

Phase 1

Sounds all around us

We're Going on a Bear Hunt 

Talk 4 Writing unit


Number recognition and shape (baseline assessments) Home corner

Phase 1

Rhyming words 

Bear cave 

Phase 1 

Onset and initial sounds

PowerMaths introduction

Week of Inspirational Maths Activities 

Self portraits

Phase 2

s a t p

Counting to 1, 2 and 3

Making new friends


Phase 2

i n m d

Mog and the VET Counting to 4 Role play vets 

Phase 2

g o c k 

Counting to 5 Making animal homes

Phase 2

ck e u r 

Sorting into 2 groups  Introduction to forest school


An evening of phonics, reading and writing...

Thank you to everyone that managed to join us (virtually) for our evening on phonics, reading and writing. If you were unable to attend, please find a recording of the evening below. 

Best wishes,


Miss Knight, Mrs Holt and Mrs Pinkerton. 



This short video clip demonstrates how the different phonemes should be correctly pronounced: