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School Attendance

We recognise that full attendance at school is important to the well-being of all our pupils and enables them to access the opportunities made available to them at school. Attainment and progress are linked closely with attendance and we are keen to work with parents to ensure high levels of attendance from all children.  Attendance is monitored closely and we work in partnership with the Education Social Work Service when patterns of absence are of concern.

Pupil Absence from School Procedures

Illness or Emergency

If your child is too unwell to attend school, please contact the school office on 01789 205092 as early as possible on the first and every subsequent day of absence.


Requests for Leave of Absence

Medical Reasons

Routine medical appointments, such as dental check-ups:

These should be arranged for outside the school day or during school holidays. Absence for this purpose should not be requested and will not be authorised.


Essential medical appointments that cannot be taken outside the school day:

Please inform the school office of the date(s) and times your child will be absent due to the medical appointment(s), in writing. This may be by email to (If possible please include a copy of the appointment letter.)


Exceptional Circumstances

Please use the 'Request for Leave of Absence' form (available below), if, due to exceptional circumstances, you would like your child be absent from school during term time. Exceptional circumstances include events such as: musical examinations, wedding/funeral of a close family member or religious observance. 

If your child has a good record of attendance these requests will be granted. If you do not request leave in advance then your child’s absence will be recorded as unauthorised. In these circumstances you may be liable for a penalty notice or fine.


Since September 2013, government regulations mean that schools are not permitted to authorise absence for the purpose of holidays during term time.


Unauthorised periods of absence during term time may lead to a parents being issued with a penalty notice or fine.


Leave of Absence request form