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Wednesday 1st April - April Fool's Day


Good morning everyone - hope that you are all ok


The 1st April is usually the day when people play harmless jokes and pranks on each other.  For me, I usually put a 'believeable' fact on the whiteboard or write the day in a silly way but this year it doesn't feel right as there are more serious matters that people are thinking about and so many people have decided to forget about it this year. 


However, I did wonder where the name April Fool's Day originated from so have done a little early morning research and here are a few theories about it for you to consider:


Theory 1 - It is connected to poetry

On the Newsround webpage it said that "Some have argued that a story told by early English poet Geoffrey Chaucer in the 14th century - where a fox plays a prank on a rooster (who is almost eaten because of it) - is the first reference to pranks taking place on the first of April."

The poet doesn't actually directly refer to April 1st because in the poem, he says 32 days "syn March began", which people have said is "32 days since March began" which would be April 1st.  But those who don't believe this theory say he was just using confusing words to make fun of people in the poem.


Theory 2 - It is linked to the calendar

Some believe the tradition started because of events in the calendar.  Renewal festivals date back to Roman times which were a celebration at the start of a new year or season, when things went a bit topsy turvy/upside down.  

March is the time of the Spring Equinox, so people think the joker tradition could come from this, as the beginning of spring and planting flowers was considered the start of the new year.  So rather rather than celebrating the New Year on 1st January like we do today, those who celebrated it as Spring began were considered to be fools and had jokes played on them.


Theory 3 - Fishing in Europe

Some of the earliest records  about 1st April are from France and Holland in the 1500s and, because of this it might be that the tradition spread from countries like France to the United Kingdom. In some parts of Europe it is known as April Fish Day.  Some people think this is because there are a lot of fish in French streams and rivers around 1st April, and they are easy to catch - foolish fish! It soon became a tradition to play tricks on people on April 1st too.  It is still a common trick in France, and elsewhere in Europe, to attach a paper fish to somebody's back on April Fools' Day, and also to give chocolate fish as gifts.


So, an interesting set of theories and thank you Newsround for helping me with this.  Which do you think is the most likely theory?  An interesting discussion or Did you know....? to share at home.


Have a good day and don't forget to drop an email to us if you haven't done already.


Mrs Swanwick and Mr Lether




Tuesday 31st March

Good afternoon everybody,

Sorry for being a bit late with our daily post - not sure where the morning has gone!  It has been lovely to see some of you doing your work with photos sent to us or school and also hearing from you via our class email address.  If you haven't managed to get in touch with us yet to say hello, then please do as we would love to hear from you

We will aim to get back to you within 2 days during usual 'school hours'.  I have already said hello to quite a few of you this morning  which has been great as we are missing you.  It is good to hear that you are working through your learning packs, adapting how much you do each day to keep you busy but also taking responsibility for your own learning and what you can manage.  You have also been very creative: cooking, drawing, mini DT projects and exercise! 


Please remember to keep up with mathletics and ttrockstars too - It will be good to keep up with this over the Easter break if you have any spare time!


Take care everyone wink


Mrs Swanwick and Mr Lether





You can contact us via our year group email address: 

Monday 30th March


Have a look at this picture which shows where to find free celebrity classes this week!Good morning everyone and we hope that you had a good 'weekend'.  It was a bit strange for us; we had other things planned, as we are sure you did, and suddenly we had to stay at home.  The Swanwick family have decided that as far as possible we won't do any work at the weekend to help make it a bit different - laptops and school books away!  We  enjoyed watching a film together, all doing our exercise and last night we did a family quiz with grandparents and cousins - lots of facetime fun but it worked!  What did you do to make the weekend different from a 'school day'?


This week we are busy planning our topics for after the Easter break and finding out what will work best via photos, videos and ensuring that is will be accessible for you at home - it will be different but it will be ok!  Once we have finalised this, we will post on this page and then set a week by week timetable as we go along.


This week, keep to the timetable as much as you can.  You now have the email address to contact us in Year 6.


Hope that you have a good and healthy week - remember your daily exercise!


Mrs Swanwick and Mr Lether

Friday 27th March


Good morning Year 6. We hope you are getting on really well with your packs and are making the most out of your home learning. By now, you should be up to the activities on day 5. Remember to tick off of highlight the activities on your timetable as you go along so that you know which ones you have completed. Your timetable might look a little like this at the moment:



You may notice that some tasks have not been highlighted. Some of you might be the same, as maybe you needed help with some of them, or maybe you've been taking part in the art challenge; there could be many reasons. So, if you have any gaps, it might be a good idea to go back and complete them first before moving on, particularly with the graph work in maths, as each one follows on from the rest.


Try to use today to get everything up to and including day 5 complete and then remember to enjoy some rest over the weekend!


PE with Joe (and some other active ideas)


I hope that you have been enjoying PE with Joe on youtube or you have been staying active in other ways. Sometimes motivating yourself to remain active every day can be difficult, but it is so very important. I sometimes find that if I am repeating the same or similar exercise activities, I can lose motivation and am less likely to take part. So, here are some other ideas which you can use to keep acitve:



Why don't you send in any other ideas which you might have had in the comments section at the bottom of this page. I would love to share them with everyone else!



We have a Charanga topic ready for you to access from home after the Easter break. In the meantime, have a look at this brilliant music game available online: 

What is this 'multiplication and division reasoning' in our packs?

Some of you have been asking what the 'multiplication and division reasoning' is in your learning packs. Maths isn't always about having a question and then finding an answer. In fact, we want you to think less like this and think more about finding patterns and trends by experimenting with numbers and varying methods to attempt problems. These reasoning tasks are designed to allow you to explore with numbers and number patterns, using our multiplication facts and encourage your reasoning with rich open contexts for mathematical discussion and enquiry.

Watch this video to find out what they are and for some guidance on completing the first task.

Thursday 26th March - another sunny day!


Good morning Year 6, and yes, another sunny day.  We really miss not seeing you all but the sunshine makes it all a little bit better for us all.  We hope that you had a good day yesterday, I did the word challenge too - here are some of the words that I made, I am sure that you found more:

CIRCUMSTANTIAL - a, at, am, ant, arm, art, aim, circus, man, main, mail,rain, rail, rant, stain, strain, tan, tail, trail, train, unit, until

SIGNIFICANT - an, ant, in, nit, tin, tag, fig, fin, sign, sift, saint, stain

DISAPPEARANCE - appear, disappear, appearance, dance, sap, seep, sear, seen, spear, spin, span, space, pear, peer



Mrs Warren has created an amazing Bridgetown Primary Art Challenge which can be found on twitter and instagram.  Each day there is a different theme with ideas and inspiration to help you create your own artwork on this theme.  Yesterday the theme was 'LEAF', today it is WATER and on Friday it will be PORTRAIT.  Please ask an adult at home if you can have a look  - maybe others in your home will want to have a go too.

The link are:

Instagram - @art_at_bridgetown_primary

Twitter - #bridgetownartchallenge


Hope that you all have a good day,

Mrs Swanwick and Mr Lether

Sleeper and the Spindle: How it ends - Read by Mr Lether

As I know you have all enjoyed the story of The Sleeper and the Spindle so for, I thought it would be a real shame if you did not hear the end - so here it is! Sit back and enjoy.

Once you have listened, think about the following:

1) Can you write your own fairy tale story in a similar style to the sleeper and the spindle. Your story could:
- tell the tales of 'what happened after happily ever after' in a classic fair tale
- retell a classic fairy tale, but with a twist
- be a mash-up of two or more current fairy tales
- or you might prefer to be completely creative, and follow your own imagination in a unique invention of a fairy tale.

2) Keep up with your reading, reading a whole range of different genres. Don't dismiss a single genre due to your previous perceptions of that style (e.g. a lot of you said fairy tales were babyish!), you may be surprised at how varied they can be.

3) Share all of the above with us! Email in any scans, photos, audio recordings etc.

Wednesday 25th March

Good morning Year 6, how are you all doing?  We have been lucky to have some sunshine - hope that you have been able to get some fresh air either in your garden or for your one session of exercise outdoors.  Mr Lether has been out for a run each day and since Friday Mrs Swanwick has either done a run, a walk or a cycle and last night a family pilates session!  Hopefully you looked at Joe Wicks (The Body Coach) yesterday - he is so enthusiastic and a great start to the morning.  Hope that you get on with today's learning tasks; you will enjoy reading the Titanic text.  If you want to read a little bit more the following website are interesting:


This week so far you have had spellings with the suffixes -tial, -ant and -ance.  An extra fun activity is a family challenge.  How many words can you make from the letters in each of the following words:

circumstantial - significant - disappearance

I have posted a few examples for circumstantial.


Hope that you have a good day,


Mrs Swanwick and Mr Lether


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Tuesday 24th March - our timetable for today

Tuesday 24th March - our timetable for today 1

Tuesday 24th March

Good morning everyone,

We hope that you had a good day yesterday and learning at home home was quite enjoyable!  We were both busy getting used to our new teaching routine too.  Mr Lether did a great job of doing the IT bits - thank you from Mrs Swanwick!  Today you have plenty of activities to do and I am going to go through yesterday's GPS activities and give you a few marking tips.  Hope that you managed these well.  Below are your activities for today. 


Don't forget the Joe Wicks exercise youtube livestream each morning.


This was yesterday's PE lesson


Have a good day,

Mrs Swanwick and Mr Lether

Hello and welcome to our new Home Learning page for Year 6


Good morning Year 6,
We hope that you had a good weekend.  We expect that you spent time with your families talking about new routines and what your home learning days will be like.  You already have worked planned for the next two weeks, with today being Day 1.  Try and do your work Monday – Friday and make weekends a little bit different for now.  Each day we will try and post messages, reminders, photos and even videos so do log on each day.
Take care and look after yourselves.
Mrs Swanwick and Mr Lether












Mrs Swanwick's desk space is looking tidier than usual; Mr Lether's is under constuction (he chose the wrong time to start decorating!). What is your home learning space set up like?


Testing Year 6 Youtube page - keep an eye for updates after the Easter Break (details below)

Still image for this video
Youtube Channel: Year 6 Eagles & Owls

Hello everyone, we have posted a couple of videos to trial the possibility of supporting your home learning though a Youtube channel. This seems to have been successful, so please keep an eye out for more updates after the Easter Break. In the meantime, keep yourselves busy with your packs and remember the importance of that active and creative time which we have recommended you also make time for in your day. We have copied the covering letter of your packs below on this webpage, just in case you need a reminder of our suggestions!

Keep working hard and keep being creative!

The Eagles mascot, Eddie, is excited for the ending of The Sleeper and The Spindle, are you? Keep an eye out for updates and the ending (coming soon)!

The Eagles mascot, Eddie, is excited for the ending of The Sleeper and The Spindle, are you? Keep an eye out for updates and the ending (coming soon)! 1

Year 6 Home Learning suggested timetable and daily activities - March 2020


We hope you are enjoying your home learning packs for your child to support them at home over the next two weeks during this time. Should in the unfortunate circumstance of an extended closure, more details with regards to home learning activities will be sent to you through school communication. This would be for work following the already planned Easter break. Please keep an eye on the usual communication methods: text service, emails and the school website.

Below is a suggested timetable and timings for learning at home.  We are suggesting that the activities are done throughout the normal weekdays as we would cover in school.  The activities are based on revision and some new teaching.  In these cases, using the resources, they can work fairly independently but may need a little guidance/ talk through.  We have selected activities that are accessible at home and do not require research or excessive internet use for the time being.

Additionally, websites such as twinkl and classroom secrets (which we regularly use to support our planning) are all offering free resources to support parents and children learning from home during school closures. Please have a look at the following links if you would like any resources additional to those which we are providing.


Also, please keep a regular an eye on the school website and our year 6 page for any updates. We may provide additional learning tasks or link any other free resources which become available during the closure.


Suggested timings:
Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling – 45 minutes
Reading – 20 minutes
Maths – 60 minutes


We also suggest that you spend some time each day doing something creative – art, music, DT, sewing – we will add more ideas to the website if we need to.


Please also be mindful of the importance of daily exercise, we know that this could be difficult but we are sure that you can be creative – yoga, steps, garden sprints….take care but try and get some exercise in! Here is Joe Wickes for some indoor exercises as a starter: 


Day English – Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling  Reading Maths
Day 1 Revision of –tial words
Spring Term 1 – number 1
Reading Booklet and comprehension:
The Legend of Finn MacCool and the Giant’s Causeway
•    Revision mat 1
•    Times or divide reasoning
•    Interpreting Line graphs
Day 2 Revision of –ant 
Spring Term 1 – number 2
Reading Booklet and comprehension:
A Ghost in Glasgow
•    Revision mat 2
•    Times or divide reasoning
•    Drawing Line graphs
Day 3 -ance suffix
Spring Term 1 – number 3
Reading Booklet and comprehension:
•    What makes up a circle activities
•    Times or divide reasoning
•    Maths Paper 1 – Arithmetic Progress Check
Day 4 –ent suffix 1
Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling Test Set A – paper 1
Personal reading:
Read your reading book out loud to a parent.
•    Revision mat 3
•    Times or divide reasoning
•    Line Graph Problem Solving
Day 5 -ent suffix 2 Personal reading:
Read your reading book out loud to a parent.
•    Revision mat 4
•    Times or divide reasoning
•    Interpreting Pie Charts
Day 6 10 words from your Year 5/6 statutory word list (see back of reading diary)
Spring Term 1 – number 4
Personal reading:
Read your reading book out loud to a parent.
•    Revision mat 5
•    Times or divide reasoning
•    Maths Paper 2 – Reasoning Progress Check
Day 7 -able suffix Personal reading:
Read your reading book out loud to a parent.
•    Revision mat 6
•    Times or divide reasoning
•    Pie Charts with percent
Day 8 -ible suffix
Spring Term 1 – number 5
Personal reading:
Read your reading book out loud to a parent.
•    Revision mat 7
•    Times or divide reasoning
•    Drawing Pie Charts
Day 9 fer words
Spring Term 1 – number 6
Personal reading:
Read your reading book out loud to a parent.
•    Revision mat 8
•    Times or divide reasoning
•    Maths Paper 3 – Reasoning Progress Check
Day 10 10 words from your Year 5/6 statutory word list (see back of reading diary)
Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling Test Set B – paper 1
Personal reading:
Read your reading book out loud to a parent.
•    Revision mat 9
•    Times or divide reasoning
•    Find the mean




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You can contact us with any queries here. Though we won't be able to reply to you directly from here, we can update the page accordingly...thank you.