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Home Learning Week Beginning 18th May

The Bridgetown Mountain Climb Challenge!

Do you have what it takes to climb Ben Nevis, Mount Blanc, Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Everest? Join together with Bridgetown at home and participate in the BPS @ Home Mountain Climb Challenge - a family initiative to climb some of the biggest mountains of the world at home, no ropes, hooks, harnesses, large backpacks and rations needed!

Mr Lether on Kilimanjaro... Everest next...?     

Ben Nevis (UK) – 1,345

Mont Blanc (Italy) – 4,810m

Mount Kilimanjaro (Tanzania) – 5,895m

Mount Everest (Nepal) – 8,848m


1 metre ascent of the mountain is climbed by:

Walking – 1km          Scooting – 1km             Running – 1km              Cycling – 10km
By completing a variety of exercise options, collectively climb the corresponding heights of the world’s tallest mountains by walking, running or cycling.


Click here to update your progress.

If you would like to see some of the wonderful work you have been sending in to us, have a look on our Year 6 Home Page through the link below:

Thursday 21st May

Good morning Year 6, today is the last day before we have half term.  See the learning tasks for today below.  It is important that you have a break next week as it has been a long half term in as much that we have been getting use to a new way of teaching and learning.  Next half term will be another busy one for us all so it's important to have a break and also gives Mr Lether and Mrs Swanwick time to finish those reports!!  Keep sending in your personal comments if you haven't done already.

We hope that you have enjoyed the learning - we know that it has taken some getting used to but we are so impressed with the quality of work, your engagement with it, your mathletics and online reading so thank you, you deserve a break!

Take care, enjoy half term and we hope to be back in touch at the end of next week with our plans for your final half term at Bridgetown.


Mrs Swanwick and Mr Lether smiley wink


The resources and links for this lesson are found in ‘L4 Sound Poetry’

  • Task 1: Complete the read and respond activities in task 1

Watch the following youtube video to help:

  • Task 2: Take notes on the sounds in and around your house.
  • Task 3: Using the sounds you have identified, can you write your own sounds poem?

Optional challenge:

  •  Ask someone else in your house to make a list of the sounds they notice. Do theirs match yours?
  • Read and share your poem with somebody else. You could record a version to share.
  • Write a version of the poem as if you were somewhere else – back at school or outside somewhere.
  •  Find out more about Roger McGough:


1.Watch Video: Can be viewed on the school website or through the link here:
2. Activity worksheet: ‘L3. Add and subtract fractions (2) 2019’
3. Optional Extra Problem Solving (if not already done)
Watch these videos to get you started: (also available on school website)


This is a continuation of your work on the heart yesterday.  Start whichever point you are at, whether it is at the beginning or part way through. 

Wednesday 20th May

This is very strange...Mr Lether and I are in school.  The classrooms just look like they did as we left them although much cleaner!  We have opened some desks - it's going to be a long morning!  We are just tidying and sorting so that as and when we are back in to school with some of you, our classrooms are ready.  When we are back in school we will still all be doing the same so we will be home and school learning together but more of that another day. 


We hope that you liked the cards, Mrs Swanwick needs to do funnier pictures - I know!

Have a good day and enjoy this amazing weather


Mrs Swanwick and Mr Lether smiley wink



The resources and links for this lesson are found in ‘L3 Poetry and adapting poems’

  • Task 1: Complete the read and respond activities in task 1

Listen to Mrs Swanwick’s recording of the poem to help - you will find this in the zip file.

  • Task 2: annotate and highlight the poem own explanation
  • Task 3: Read the new verses for the poem. Can you come up with some of your own?


1. Watch Video: Can be viewed on the school website or through the link here:
2. Activity worksheet: ‘L2. Compare and order fractions’


We would usually be doing a heart dissection to help with this activity but hopefully you will find the videos helpful telling you about how the heart works.If you copy and paste the links the videos work.


1. Watch the youtube video:
and/or the more advanced explanation
2. Read and complete task 1, ‘1. Your Heart’
3. Can you complete the labelled diagram of the heart: ‘2. Label the heart.’ ?

Tuesday 19th May

Good morning everybody, how are you doing?  The sun is shining so that's a good start.  Just a few Year 6 admin jobs to update you with

  • Please send in your personal report comments if you haven't done already, preferably by the end of the week.  If you can type them into the email that is brilliant or if not add as a word document.  If you just take a photo of your thoughts it is sometimes tricky to read.  Remember that about 100 -120 words is perfect and fits in the box!
  • We are putting up photos and work from the past 2 weeks so thank you for your photos. We can't put on every one but hopefully we have a good selection. Mrs Swanwick has also put together a VE day slideshow on the main home-learning page so thank you if you sent in some photos.


The theme for Mental Health Awareness Week this year is Kindness.  Yesterday I talked about doing exercise -a way of being kind to yourself by helping you feel positive and better.  Today, think of a small act of kindness that you could share with someone - just a little something like clearing the table, making your bed (without a grown-up nag) or just helping with something.  It really makes a difference and can help you connect with those around you - or a little further away.  Yesterday I received a virtual dose of kindness - I needed help trying to sort out an IT problem - 'That's so Mrs Swanwick', I can hear as you read this! But Mrs Bowen was there at the end of an email and she helped be through.  Her kindness made such a difference to my day.  However you choose, try to share a dose of unexpected kindness today.




1. The resources and links for this lesson are found in ‘L2. Features of explanation texts and cohesion in writing.’

  •  Read the text on page 2 and answer task one questions
  • Complete task 2, identifying the conjunctions and adverbials in the text.
  • Follow the guidance on task 3 to write your own explanation


1. Mathletics and/or TTRockstars.

2. ‘Optional Extra Problem Solving 1 & 2’
Watch these videos to get you started: (also available on school website)

Topic - The Mayans

Continue with the work on Chichen Itza and the architecture, buildings and structures in Mayan communities.  All the resources are under Monday's Toic work.


Have a good day everyone smiley wink

Monday 18th May

Good morning Year 6,  we hope that you have had a great weekend- what have you all been doing?  It has been a weekend for Mrs Swanwick tidying up the gardening, going for a walk, buying a few summer plants for her pots and to go for a run - 'Mrs Swanwick running', you cry, 'she normally calls it shuffling!'  You are right Year 6 but since we have been at home I have been determined to improve my running and now I can do a 4.15km loop in 30 mins and have been doing this three times a week.  Exercise is so good for us in lots of ways but one of the really beneficial ways is that when you exercise, your body releases chemicals called endorphins. These endorphins interact with the receptors in your brain that reduce your perception of pain, so even though it is hard work on my muscles, it doesn't feel too bad!. Endorphins also trigger a positive feeling in the body and usually once back from my run or if I go for a cycle after catching my breath, rehydrating I then feel really good in myself.  This week is Mental Health Awareness week and exercise goes a long way to help us feel good and positive.  Whether you are walking, running, scotting or cycling, try and get out for some exercise this week. 


Whilst you are doing this you might like to join the Bridgetown Mountain Challenge that Mr Lether has shared at the top of our week - note his picture!  It is really easy to register and will also give another purpose to your exercise over the next few weeks!  Let us know if you are joining in.


We have a busy week of work ahead: some explanation writing, continuing our maths, looking at mayan architecture and work on the Heart.  If you haven't got as much access to the internet then please look at our non-computer activities to work through.


We will update our photo collection this week too!

Have a good day,

Mrs Swanwick and Mr Lether smiley wink



1. The resources and links for this lesson are found in ‘L1 informal explanations to Strictly Come Dancing’

  • Read Judges explain their voting – Kimberley Walsh. (found on page 2
  • Watch the video of the dance:
  • Answer the questions
  • Watch the video of the next dance:
  • Answer questions
  • Complete Task 2 and 3

Optional challenge: Practise using your plan to give a spoken explanation. Can you make yourself sound like a professional TV judge? Record your explanation and share it with somebody else.



1. Watch Video: Can be viewed on the school website or through the link here:
2. Activity worksheet: ‘L1. Lesson 1 Simplify fractions 2019’


Topic - The Mayans

This activity is for today and tomorrow, there is quite a lot so see how you go and do what you can do  - you might want to spend a bit more time on this throughout the week.  We are looking at mayan architecture and buildings


1. Read the information in, ‘L1. Mayan-civilization-chichen-itza-fact-file- ‘ and watch the youtube video :
Now, have a look at the instructions in ‘L1. Writing a short Tourist guide to Chichen Itza’ Create a short tourist information leaflet about 3 specific features or buildings of Chichen Itza that can still be seen.
You can do this in any of the following ways:

  • Fact file
  • Written Tourist guide
  • Your own map of Chichen Itza that is annotated with drawings and information
  • Make a model using something like lego

2. Watch the following clip:
Complete the activities in ‘L2. Living in a Mayan nar house’


Contact us here.

If you have not written your personal comment for your report yet, you could write it or copy and paste it in here to send to Mr Lether and Mrs Swanwick.