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Year 1

  • Summer Term 2 in Year 1


    The final part of the summer term sees us joining in with a whole key stage transition topic of Eurokitchens. During the topic we will become experts on Italy, learning Italian words, tasting the food and comparing Italian and UK cities. 

    We will invite the reception children to have a sneaky preview of their new classrooms and we will teach them all we have learned about Italy and also prepare a feast for them. 

    In English, we will learn all about persuasive writing and use this knowledge to help us to create leaflets to promote Italy as a tourist destination. We will also talk about 'instruction writing' as a genre and make our own sets of instructions for making pizzas. 

    Help your child to count to ten in Italian with this fun song...


    In addition to our usual topic work, we will take part in two whole school events: mapping day (where we will develop our geographical skills) and history week. Our focus for history week will be Queen Elizabeth 1st which links nicely back to our work on Knights and Maidens and our trip to Kenilworth Castle last half term. Find out more information about her by clicking on the image below...


    There will be lots of opportunities to meet our new teachers during transition days towards the end of the year. We will also carry out a short phonics screening to see where we are at with our phonics so far. 

    You can find out more information about it here. 

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    Spring Term 1

    Here is a taster of what we are learning about this half term...


    Bridgetown Primary School Topic Tracker

    Topic:  It’s A Child’s Life        Spring Term 1, 2018         Year Group: 1 
















    History and Geography


    Art / DT



    Week 1.

    Tues 9.1.18

    Christmas Holiday News / phonics assessments/ Thank you letters to museum /

    Signs for our own ‘museum’

    White Rose Maths Hub/ SM


    Snap Science



    Lesson 1: To identify common materials


    Instructions: Making popcorn using a microwave


    Lesson 1: Describe physical characteristics of toys


    Lesson 1: To create a sliding mechanism


    PSHE: Cambridgeshire S.O.W.



    RE: Warwickshire S.O.W.


    MUSIC: Charangra



    PE: Gymnastics

    Week 2




    Talk 4 Writing:


    Poetry: The Bedtime March

    White Rose Maths Hub/ SM


    Lesson 2: To be able to distinguish between an object and the material from which it is made.

    ½ to library, ½ ICT

    Programming: using the Beebots to follow a specific path /


    Use the Beebot app on the Ipads



    (Split the children – some using Beebots, some using app).

    Lesson 2: Find out about toys parents and grandparents played with.

    Lesson 2: To use levers to make a moving mechanism

    Week 3



    White Rose Maths Hub/ SM


    Lesson 3: be able to describe materials according to their properties

    Lesson 3: To find out about decades and what different toys were like at different times in the past.

    Lesson 3: To investigate and create wheel mechanisms

    Week 4




    Talk 4 Writing:


    Problem Resolution Story:
    Stripy Horse





    White Rose Maths Hub/ SM


    Lesson 4: To be able to describe why some materials suit certain objects better than others.

    ½ to library, ½ ICT


    Experimenting with 2Animate   Purple Mash in Resource section on the portal See notes

    Simple animation e.g build up a teddy/face using one change at a time.

    Lesson 4: To be able to identify toys that are old and toys that are new.

    Lesson 4: To design a picture with a moving mechanism

    Week 5


    White Rose Maths Hub/ SM


    Lesson 5: To carry out an experiment to find out which materials are waterproof

    Lesson 5: To be able to describe how some toys are different / the same.

    Lesson 5: To make a picture with a moving mechanism (from the design)

    Week 6




    White Rose Maths Hub/ SM


    Lesson 6: To recap what we have learnt about every day materials.

    LEGO: Investigating LEVERS

    Lesson 6: To use knowledge gained to create a toy museum.


    Lesson 6: To evaluate the final product.



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    Autumn Term 2


    Take a look at some of the exciting learning opportunities ahead of us this half term...


    Image result for winter wonderland clipart






    Week 1.


    Non fiction focus:


    Arctic animals









    White Rose




    Science: exploring the changing seasons.



    Computing: Lego (easy simple machines – the beginning of programming), 2type to develop keyboard skills, publishing skills (adding pictures and text boxes) – linked to Arctic animal research and Christmas.


    Geography: Exploring the Arctic (climate, seasons, physical features, animals, making comparisons to UK).


    PSHE: Remembrance, Friendship


    PE: Gymnastics


    Art: collage and colour mixing (winter scenes), Camouflage (linked to Arctic animals), Weaving (Christmas cards)  Building our own milk bottle igloos.

    Week 2


    Week 3



    Week 4






    Journey Story:


    Lost and Found: innovate to be an arctic animal.

    What could go wrong on the journey? How would it be sorted? 

    Week 5


    Week 6



    Christmas Production

    Week 7



    Week 8



    Christmas story

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    Autumn Term 1


    Our topic for Autumn Term 1 was 'all about me'. We talked about how we have grown and changed using the book 'When I was a Baby' as a starting point. We especially enjoyed trying to guess who was who from our baby photographs! We labelled the parts of the body, using the correct words (have a go for yourself with the interactive activity below). We learned about our five senses, reinforcing this in our forest school activities. In art, we learned about self portraits and techniques for drawing them accurately. We looked at how famous artists such as Warhol and Picasso have created portraits and, in particular, their use of colour. We created our own 'moody' blue pictures! In DT, we enjoyed talking about healthy choices and making and evaluating fruit salads. 


    Try out some of these weblinks to support our topic (just click on the images)...


    Labelling the body parts game.








    Create a healthy lunchbox activity - what will you choose?







    The handwash challenge - when should you wash your hands?

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