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Our Autumn Term 2017


A Trip to visit the Houses of Parliament, London


 We started our year by going to the Houses of Parliament, London. We even went into the House of Lords and the House of Commons. Guess who we saw? Lord Sugar! We all were very respectful whilst in this world famous building, as we watched members of parliament making speeches. To finish of the trip off we had a river cruise around famous landmarks on the river Thames. It was really interesting to go underneath the Tower Bridge. What a great start to the year!



The Houses of Parliament from our lunch spot, Victoria Tower Gardens (above).

Admiring the view of the River Thames from Victoria Tower Gardens (right).n


(This section was written by Alex and Rachel, 6TL)




This term we have been having extra P.E lessons on a Tuesday morning. In these lessons we have been doing gymnastics which includes balances, jumps and rolls . On the left, you can see a picture of two year six pupils (Darcy and Marina). All the year six pupils have really enjoyed these lessons and are looking forward to doing more of these sessions. We have been preparing for our upcoming lesson where we will be performing and recording them in front of the entire class .We have been using apparatus to incorporate into are routines and they have been very useful to do jumps and balances on top of. On our first week we focused more on our balances and how we presented them. The next week we mostly focused on our jumps and leaps. Then we experimented with different roles - forwards and backwards rolls and even cartwheels. Finally, we put a routine together by adding all of these movements together.


(This section was written by Darcy, Sophie, Marina and Emily, 6TL)




In science we have been looking at electricity. In this topic we have made switches such as peg switches, a pressure switch, a tumbler switch, a tilt switch and a slide switch. We have also been looking at symbols such as cells, batteries, lamps, wires, buzzers, switches and motors - we can now use these to draw simple circuit diagrams. With this topic we had to cut and stick descriptions, pictures and the symbols, matching them up. On top of that we also have been looking at circuit diagrams and looking whether a bulb would work like this diagram to the right.


This light would be off because the switch is not connected so this is called a closed switch.


Next half term we will be learning about light.


(This section was written by William, 6ES)


House Captains


On Monday, 16 October, Bridgetown primary school held their House Captain elections. This is a democratic time where there are male and female candidates for each of our 4 different houses. All of those candidates then go into there houses and read their speeches. They then all go to the hall and one of the teachers/teaching assistants takes some photos of them together, and in their houses. While the candidates are being photographed, all of the children that didn't go for house captain get a piece of paper and they have one vote for a male candidate from their house, and one for a female candidate (all together there were 29 candidates)! when everyone has voted, they all go into the hall and while they get sat down, while Mrs Swanwick, Mrs Element, Miss Knight and Mrs Cockburn count all of the votes. They then quickly take the results to Mr Lether. Then all of the candidates sit in chairs at the front and everyone else sits down in front of them. Then Mr Lether reads out the winners of the votes, and this years winners were: for Raleigh Jack and Poppy, for Nelson, Sam and Rosa, for Drake, Jacob (Spike) and Marina, and last but not least, for Chichester  Olivier and Alice.


(This section was written by Alex O, 6TL)


A special thank you to all the children who've put themselves forwards for any additional roles in Bridgetown - whether this be House Captain elections, the School Council, Library helpers, KS1 Lunch Time Helpers and so on... It is wonderful to see so many confident children getting stuck in!




On the 3rd of October Bridgetown's football team played Alveston Primary School. Alveston held up a good fight but in the end Bridgetown won 3-0, a great start to the season for Bridgetown. The goal scorers were: Reuben, Jayden and Tyler.

Also on the 16th of October Bridgetown played the  Willows and we disappointingly lost 4-3 goal scorers are Max,Reuben and another goal for Reuben. And Years 5 and 6 practise at lunchtime on Thursdays and there is an after school club on Tuesdays for years 3,4,5 and 6. The man of the matches so far have been Ovi for making some great saves against Alveston and also Reuben got man of the match for some great attacking play. Recently Bridgetown received some new football kits sponsored by the Premier League. Overall a great start for Bridgetown's football team.

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