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Year 2

Autumn 2   Fire and Festivals.

We shall be starting our topic on Fire and Festivals by researching Bonfire Night and the history and traditions behind this. We shall also be looking at the Festival of Diwali and writing poems in English about fireworks. Also in English, we shall be starting a new focus on Journey stories in Talk for Writing and we’ll link this with the Great Fire of London as the children will travel back in time. Click the image below to find out more about the Great Fire...


In Maths, we shall be working on time tables. It is really important for all the children to become confident with the 2, 5 and 10 times tables. Just before Christmas the Year 2’s will join the Juniors with the exciting Rock Star program, where they can practise online their times tables at home and at school. At the moment the children are busy measuring items in school in metres and centimetres. They will be moving on to undertaking some graph work also.

Try these times tables games...



The children will have an exciting time in the Forest School, where they will experience a real fire, imagining what it would have been like in London during the Great Fire. They will talk about the amount of smoke that they would have experienced and how hard it would have been to see, and they will be thinking about how the wind encouraged the fire to spread and how the close proximity of the houses to each other, also contributed to the chaos. Discussions will be held about the materials that the houses were made of during these times and seeing how easily these burned on the camp fire.


With the run up to Christmas about to begin, the children will be kept busy with lots of exciting activities, as well as continuing with all of their school work! We are really looking forward to celebrating our Christmas advent service with you on Thursday 30th November, in the Holy Trinity church. Further details will be provided nearer the time.

Why not have a go at singing our advent service songs at home?

Winter Nights


Light the Advent Candle


Glory to God


Are you ready everybody?


Christmas Dinner

Autumn Term 1

Image result for rnli


After a lovely summer holiday, we sailed straight into our Seaside Rescue topic and were very excited to welcome the RNLI. The children prepared their own interview style questions to ask the volunteers. We held a really successful cake sale later in the term to raise money for the RNLI. In maths we will used our problem solving skills to work out how many cakes we needed to make and how much money we hoped to raise.


Also in maths we started looking at place value and ordering numbers. Can you place the penguins in the game on the left? We looked at the different ways we can add and subtract, such as jumping on the number line, using a number square and column addition. We are very excited to be starting our new Rock Stars programme to help us learn our times tables later this term. 



We enjoy using the whole school strategy in English lessons called ‘Talk 4 Writing’ to improve our writing, reading and oral story telling skills. Ask your child if they can tell you the story of The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch...?!